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The darlings of the jet set, French Bulldogs come at a price. They are way above the median for your regular companion dog. While many variables are factored in to determine a tag for a particular French Bulldog Puppy, one thing stands out as the ultimate price driver - the color. The most rare, Fluffy Frenchie for sale among them, command sky-high estimates.

In wild nature, mammals share a pretty limited range of skin colors. We single out zebras and tigers for a reason. They brazenly stand out of the obscurity of plain greys and browns. Breeding dogs with beautifully engineered shapes and coat patterns, and strong immunity to back it up is something producers struggle to cope with. But Frenchies Kingdom is always up to the task.

For genes responsible for jaw-dropping combinations of shades and hues, (like in a Fluffy French Bulldog) to sit together well, a breeder needs a wealth of experience. We breed the best Fluffy French Bulldogs for sale in United States based on proven best practices.
Every single puppy of Fluffy French Bulldog for sale we offer is unique and cannot be fully replicated


Fluffy Frenchies and the rest of the pack: how not to get lost in colors

The Fluffy French Bulldogs for sale in United States that we offer have short, smooth and fine coat. The soft-textured fur is wrinkled and loose. Head and shoulders have a propensity for wrinkles.

French Bulldogs come in a wide variety of colors - fawn, brindle, cream and black (pure or mixed) are considered standard, while lilac, blue, merle, Isabella (sic!) and chocolate - rare and exotic. Any deviation from the standards list means the dog is disqualified from Dog shows. But it doesn't matter if you are looking for a family pet or breeding stud, considering that rare colors can not get the Official Kennel Club registration.


Fluffy French Bulldog for sale: where to turn to

The cocktail of genes for a rare Fluffy French Bulldog: shake, not stir, as the saying goes. As with humans, in dogs good looks has to be supported by stable genetics and good health. Otherwise, who would care to look for a Fluffy French Bulldog for sale in United States?

Rarely-colored puppies with the exact match of  DNA-related shades for a specific coat pattern demand careful selection. They depend on the art of the breeder closely following bloodlines (and genetics to follow) to produce a remarkable healthy offspring.

We at Frenchies Kingdom are proud to claim decades of experience in the trade. We always put pups' health and well-being first. Buying a Fluffy French Bulldog from us is a guarantee of your dog's longer, healthier life. You can learn more about the mom and dad of every Fluffy Frenchie for sale from our collection of his/her personal page.


French Bulldogs: is there a diet for every color?

A "by-the-book" French Bulldog can be any color except solid black, liver (a solid reddish brown with brown pigmentation in the lips and nose areas), mouse (a light steely gray) and black with white or tan. 

They are disallowed in a lot of different colors as well, though. Still, some of these disqualifying colors are possible, even though they are technically not allowed.
Not to lose the money you invested in buying a Fluffy French Bulldog for sale, one should follow the carefully selected diet. It allows for a smooth expression of genes responsible for a particular coat pattern. If unsure about the exact feeding formula, call Frenchies Kingdom for assistance, and the original sheen of your French Bulldog will last for years to come.

Furry diamonds are forever: why Fluffy Frenchies is a league of its own. A Fluffy French Buldog for sale is always gorgeous. But fluffy is obviously not a color. Still, since the Furry French Bulldog (also called Fluffy) is fast becoming a big part of the French Bulldog world, it needs to be addressed.

The Furry French Bulldog is a long-haired Fenchie. Thanks to a rare long-hair gene, they resemble much downsized teddy bears. A rarity expressed in a mutation, or an invader gene from another breed, either way the Fluffy Frenchie has established itself as a choice of the very choosey. A Fluffy Frenchie for sale will through you back up to 50k for an impeccable puppy with full breeding rights (as opposed to a house pet).

Fluffy French Bulldogs will overheat faster than a regular French Bulldog due to thicker and longer hair. Contrary to what one may guess, this does not preclude Fluffy Frenchies from thriving in Texas, California and Florida.

The Fluffy Frenchie for sale comes in every color, from a Blue Fuffy French Bulldog to a Merle Fluffy Frenchie. If you are looking for a full range of available Fluffy French Bulldogs for sale, visit the Fluffy section or simply call us.

Give your Fluffy French Bulldog dream a go with Frenchies Kingdom!

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