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Chocolate French Bulldogs for sale — what makes them special?

Highly sought-after chocolate French Bulldogs for sale  United States is one of many color trends available in this breed. They stand out thanks to their gorgeous chocolaty brown coat. This unique feature explains higher chocolate French Bulldog prices. 

Not every brown-looking Frenchie is a Chocolate. Fawn and brindle can make a puppy look that way as well.
The way to tell if your Frenchie is indeed a Chocolate is by getting a DNA test).

Some chocolate Frenchies have a dark chocolate coat, others appear more like milk chocolate. 

Chocolate male French Bulldog for sale, as well as chocolate female French Bulldog for sale — gender makes no difference here — have light-colored eyes, so one can find chocolate Frenchies with green, brown, golden, and even yellow eyes to match their shining coats.

In all other respects, chocolate French Bulldog puppies for sale are just like regulars.

Chocolate French Bulldog breeders — where can I find one?

Not every Frenchie producer would dare to handle Chocos. These are not easy to breed, so it takes extra time, patience, and lots of care and love for the trade.
Frenchies Kingdom boasts a wealth of 20+ years of knowledge, and attention to every detail in selecting and upbringing, so our customers get an enviably healthy, reasonably priced Chocolate Frenchies, ready to share their affection with new owners for many years to come.
We are among a few established, reputable and responsible Chocolate French Bulldog breeders in the U.S. With Frenchies Kingdom, one gets every bit of value for his/her money for a posh,  glamorous, enduring pup of your life.

Chocolate French Bulldog price — can I possibly save on it?

Well, a short answer will be no. A chocolate French Bulldog for sale is a very rare occurrence. It is determined by a recessive gene, so the dog needs to inherit it from both parents. The inflated chocolate French Bulldog price is not there for nothing.

For French Bulldog as a breed  United States, chocolate brindle has become a coveted coat color. Your average choco brindle can be priced $8,000 or even higher with some chocolate French Bulldog breeders.

Chocolate French Bulldog puppies for sale — personality and temperament

Chocolate Frenchies share the same distinctive personality as regular French Bulldogs. They are sociable, playful, and friendly; they don't bark for the sake of it.
Chocolate French Bulldogs for sale are highly adaptable, they will adjust to any home and family arrangement. The tiny body, friendly attitude, and silent nature mean they are well suited for in-house activity without being annoying.

Chocolate Frenchie exercise requirements

Chocolate French Bulldog puppies for sale that are available with established breeders require about an hour of exercise a day. A brisk walk in a park may be just enough to maintain good health and overall fitness. To prevent your chocolate Frenchie from
getting tired and overheat, make sure you alternate bursts of energetic games with leisurely lulls.

Chocolate French Bulldog breeders advise future rehomers to stick to gentle walks and avoid too much jogging and running. You may also wish to split the pup's daily activity into two, so it gets time to rest.

Chocolate female French Bulldog for sale, pure ease and joy

Female French Bulldogs mature quickly and are less likely to be dominant or stubborn.
Chocolate female French Bulldog for sale are thought to be somewhat easier to train. But just like males, they respond well to reward-based training.

With some words of encouragement and a treat here and there, you can train your Chocolate Frenchie with no trouble. This breed is naturally social, thus you will not spend too much time on socialization with your chocolate French Bulldog for sale.

Chocolate male French Bulldog for sale — a diet of its own?

Male chocolate Frenchies tend to be more active and bold than females. This requires some extra energy back-up for a sturdy chocolate male French Bulldog for sale.

Any sex chocos need about 980 calories tops. The exact intake depends on the age, health, and weight of your Chocolate Frenchie. 25 to 35 calories per pound of body weight per day may be perfectly enough for a chocolate French Bulldog for sale.
With age, just like in humans, energy requirements gradually decrease.

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