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The white French Bulldog, rare and prized

The all-white, or mostly white French Bulldog for sale in United States is less common than other colors and patterns. It is also called pale. There is a number of genetic factors that can cause this unique coat in the white French Bulldog. These include albinism and a mix of brindle and merle genes.

The white coat color is one of recognised, standard Frenchies' colors. White French Bulldog puppies are purebreds; the difference is the dog in question has a white or predominantly white coat instead of the more common brindle, cream or fawn.


White Frenchie — albino or not?

Does having a white coat mean a white Frenchie puppy is indeed an albino? A number of genetic factors can contribute to this. The albino factor is the least prevalent.
Albino animals in any species are pretty rare. Both parents must contribute their genes for a puppy to be born with albinism. A true albino white Frenchie puppy lacks pigment in all areas where it is usually present.
The eyes may look pink, blue or amber, while the skin appears pinkish as blood vessels show. A partial albino lacks pigmentation in some parts of the body only.

A leucistic French Bulldog has a light-colored coat and a normal eye color. Leucism is not dissimilar to albinism. Different genes prevent the pigment cells from doing their job properly. Partial leucism is the mechanism behind the  common dog markings like the popular piebald color pattern.

Finally, brindle or “pied” (piebald) French Bulldogs have predominantly white coats with markings.

A white French Bulldog can inherit the merle color gene from one or both parents. A puppy with one merle gene is called a single merle. This happens when just one parent contributes the gene.


White French Bulldog for sale — choose a trusted breeder in United States

Reputable breeders put mom's and puppies' well-being first. With Frenchies Kingdom, you are always assured that every effort is taken to produce healthy offsprings that will stay with their new families for many years to last. We also offer customers an industry-first comprehensive health guarantee for white French Bulldog puppies.

Color genetics is a universe of its own. What you may wish to know is that we are still at the very doorstep of this fascinating world. Certainties are few and far between.

There are only two basic pigments in the canine genome. How these interact determines what color your dog’s coat is.
Dog breeds have different color genes. Some colors only happen in particular breeds. So far canine researchers have not identified the gene responsible for albinism in the white Frenchie. More research needs to be done here.


White Frenchie puppy temperament - is there a difference?

The French Bulldog Breed in United States Standard claims that this breed's temperament is affectionate. Frenchies are even-tempered, playful, active and alert. They are always people-oriented and are not known for aggression. Whatever genome specifics, white French Bulldogs fully stand for this description as well. Can other traits be predicted by the color? Not to our knowledge, no.
To date, no study has been done to determine a link between behavior and color in  French Bulldogs.
A well-fed and well-socialized white Frenchie is likely to display a happy, balanced approach to life.


Basic skin sensitivity and grooming tips for white French Bulldog puppies

The light-skinned people tend to be more prone to sunburns; the same goes for the very light-skinned white French Bulldog for sale. Keep this in mind and limit the dog's sunlight exposure.

When grooming your white French Bulldog, remember that white-coated dogs may have more sensitive skin. To prevent irritation, choose a brush with gentle bristles and rounded tips when you look after your beautiful white French Bulldog puppies.

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