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French Bulldog Puppies

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Blue Nora
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Blue Merle Kent
Fluffy Blue Tan Tank
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Lilac Fluffy Timur
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Black Tan Babe
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Black Tan Bambi
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Black Tan Bohti
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Black Tan Harper
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Black Tan Haven
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Black Tan Heidi
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Blue Jeter

What is so special about French Bulldog puppies?

The French Bulldog enjoys a famous, long and glorious history. They are indeed one of the best and most loved dog breeds in the world, standing out for a unique combination of distinctive physique, gorgeous looks and mild, welcoming temperament. In the U.S., French Bulldog puppies register a strong interest from perspective buyers, homing in on a top-three selling spot. Frenchie puppies are happy, affectionate, ever loyal and protective.

It should not be a surprise, since they have been carefully selected to be truly amazing pet companions. The very top of the companion dogs league, French Bulldog puppies are some of the most loved and favored animals you can bring into your home.


A Frenchie puppy — why you shouldn't miss on one

French Bulldog puppies for sale in United States are bred specifically for the pleasure of their company. But what makes this dog so lovable?

Cute looks? A Frenchie puppy looks a lot like a regular Bulldog but is somewhat smaller.
Grown-up French Bulldogs average 11 to 13 inches in height; females weigh 16 to 24 pounds while the males are slightly bigger. French Bulldog puppies for sale stop getting taller in about a year, but will continue to gain weight for another 3-4 months.

Their coat is fine, short, and smooth. One may come across a long-haired French Bulldog, known as fluffy Frenchie, with wavy, medium-length hair over ears, head, back, and chest. This gives them a furry appearance. Frenchies Kingdom do produce these rare shoot-off French Bulldog puppies for sale. Call us and ask about availability.

You’ll find French Bulldog puppies in a variety of shades. On the mainstream side, one can choose among brindle, cream, fawn, and white Frenchies, and a mix of these colors.
Popular Black Frenchies are often in fact a combination of patterns with differently-colored markings.

Blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan are considered rare, with merle-colored French Bulldog puppies reputed to be the rarest and most expensive. Take note that newest, fad shades and concoctions are continuously introduced to the market, and with them, the sky is the limit for the price tag.

French pups also have a few distinct features that make them unique. Trademark breed-specific bat ears is one. Otherwise Frenchies are instantly recognisable by  wrinkly, smushy faces. It gives puppies an adorable older look.

Keeping French Bulldog puppies should not be a problem — this won't take you any further than other breeds. Care and attention are a must though, like with any living being you welcome to your home.

With their short coat and small size, shedding isn’t a big deal. It mainly occur in the spring and fall. Regular brushing keeps the coat shiny. You’ll want to bathe your Frenchie when it gets dirty.

French puppies are known for their playful ways. This breed is incredibly loyal. They aren’t aggressive. Proper socialization would help ease any behavioural concerns.

Frenchies puppies for sale near me are great companions for individuals and families, they are fun with kids and other dogs. You better not leave your Frenchie puppy alone for too long because he’ll miss you a lot.

Medium-intensity spells of activity and rest would probably be the best mode for a French and its owner to fully enjoy each other's company. Excessive barking should not be a case at all with French Bulldog puppies for sale in United States we offer.

This breed are not known to be exceptionally great thinkers, but Frenchies puppies for sale near me are smart and intelligent to understand and follow commands — when they decide not to do otherwise, that is. Well, your Frenchie puppy can be moody at times, just like us people. This lack of robotic obedience make them extra appealing.

How To Train A French? Proper training is always a part of leading your newly acquired dog buddy into a civilized life. Frenchies share big personalities and can be taught to walk on a lead, heel, stay, and follow other commands in almost no time.
Earned treats motivate and help with training.
One should take note of some limitations, dictated by the physical distinctions of this breed.
Short faces results in less efficient breathing. Too much exercise in hot weather should be avoided to let the dog cool properly. French Bulldog puppies enjoy bathing and playing in water, but can not swim properly, so should be kept away from deep streams.


In a sea of French Bulldog puppies for sale around, why Frenchies Kingdom?

Frenchies come at a price — for a reason. It takes some extra effort from breeders to help this dog reproduce.
Females must be artificially inseminated and would often need a c-section. A shining coat of an appealing color and pattern comes from carefully selected pairing not every kennel would be able to provide.

We proudly boast a 20-years experience in rearing this very specific and demanding breed of loyal household dog pals.

Evidently, a prospective  buyer would be looking for a very special Frenchie puppy, to grow into an amazing dog and become a huge part of his/her family — without encountering any major problems along the way. We duly provide a set of arrangements to insure this will be the case ever.
Have a look at our unrivalled, industry-first comprehensive health guarantee, for one. We offer the most favourable terms for better pricing and shipping options.
One-off holiday offers and a unique trading tool which allows customers to negotiate a price are popular features as well.

You may wish to have a closer look at the parents of the Frenchie puppy of your liking. Their pics are always available on the personal page. Ask us for more info. It is generally assumed that with the mother, you may get some strong insight into what type of dog your French Bulldog puppy is going to turn into.


Frenchies puppies for sale near me in United States — the easy way to fun and pleasure

Don't be shy to inquire about special deals to bargain and save on French Bulldog puppies near me.
However little or much you shell off for a beautifulp, joyful, fully vaccinated and healthy puppy from Frenchies Kingdom, we do not compromise on quality and service!

Just come on in and leave with a fabulous Frenchie puppy, to be your loyal companion for many years to come and give your family loads of happy memories.

Our Frenchies come with full one-year health guarantee

From day one our vets keep a close eye on the newborns.

French Bulldog puppies are vaxxed on time to rigid schedule

Our French Bulldog puppies are safe from a magnitude of parasites and ailments

We deliver puppies anywhere in the U.S. by air or overland

Your French Bulldog puppy will be safely and promptly delivered to any destination.

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