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Blue merle French Bulldogs for sale. Blue merle? How much? Say it again.

Blue merle French Bulldogs for sale: where they differ from the pack. Prices usually offered. Socialize early to offset stubbornness.
A blue merle French Bulldog puppy is not something you casually meet on the street. This peaceful companion of people of any age group wears a coat fanciers consider attractive enough to add thousands for the already pricey canine.
Marilyn Manson, Elton John, Hugh Jackman, and Reese Witherspoon are known to be big fans of the breed leading in popularity in America in all metropolitan areas.

Blue merle French Bulldogs for sale: in plain English please

A prospective dog owner may retrieve a sea of ads when looking after «blue merle French Bulldogs for sale» online. True, this shade identity is not included in the standards registry run by the US canine authority. It didn’t prevent a stable following forming around the posh thing. Fanciers of blue merle Frenchies for sale are ready to shell out more for the pleasure (should we say the honor?) of owning this rarity.

But precisely what is driving them mad? Well, “blue merle” can be described as a mixture of different spots and stripes on the body, irregular and unusual. “Gray with spots” may be the simplest definition.
Sellers consider this mix among the scarcest in the French. They command higher prices accordingly. 

Blue merle Frenchies for sale: character traits that speak for themselves

French Bulldogs’ aficionados underline the breed’s hallmark calm character and a balanced psyche. Both merle Frenchie puppies and blue Frenchie puppies can be a bit restless due to their young age. Please excuse them: they are still babies when entering the new home. This will settle down in due order soon, sooner still with proper upbringing and training from the owner.

Company of loving humans is where this good-natured dog with a cheerful disposition thrives and shows its outgoing inner side. Devotion to family members means distress when left alone; don’t do it often.
Children around is okay unless no tail-pulling is registered. You’re advised not to leave your baby with the pet without close supervision. At the very least, instruct the kid on the don’ts involved.

Blue merle French Bulldog puppy: meet the challenges

You may have a picture of a perfectly docile lapdog napping by your side, when you start a web search for “blue merle French Bulldogs for sale”. Dreaming is like believing, but a good-natured pup doesn’t come prepacked. One has to invest dedicated effort to educate a young pet. A paid dog handler is okay, but it’s worth (and eventually more effective) to do the training in person.

Rocket science is nowhere near raising a placid blue merle French Bulldog puppy. It’s pretty simple, but consistency is the key. To give you an idea, let your new tenant understand who’s bossing the things straight away. Indicate you’re the leader by physically prioritizing your needs. Housebreak and leash-train from month two. Introduce your blue merle French Bulldog puppy to new faces (and muzzles) in another month. Explain in no uncertain terms (gestures) there’s no need to cozy up to everyone as not everyone wants to be engaged. Walk the pal on a lead as long as full obedience is not grasped.

Merle Frenchie puppies: coat control basics

Merle Frenchie puppies and adult merles alike wear a single coat that is short, dense. No undercoat in blue Frenchie puppies is registered.

Approach your fellow with a good brushing every other day. Do the combing daily during molting periods. The latter would last two to three weeks in the spring and the fall.
Take note the coat has a life of its own, this concerns the coloration too. In the puppydom, while the dog is still with the breeder or newly rehomed, shades may be in continuous development. Get a clear commitment from the producer as to exact time the changing design settles down finally when investigating purchase conditions for blue merle Frenchies for sale.
Only bathe the dog when absolutely necessary (very dirty).

Blue Frenchie puppies: deceptive medians

You may try to find blue merle French bulldogs for sale on a budget, however unlikely. Even a median of $1,000 to $3,000 for a French is not that median in reality. For blue merle French bulldogs for sale evaluations may be significantly higher – even though this is a disqualifying feature. Thus, blue merle Frenchies for sale would likely carry a tag of $5,000-$6,500.

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