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The Black French Bulldog, fit for royalty, a knight of its own


Black French Bulldogs in United States are true stunners. The solid black coat gives them this very powerful, unique look and a fascinating royal appearance. They are rare to come by.
Unlike other patterns, Black French Bulldogs do not have any other markings or even an odd splash of color traces, like common brindle, on their whole body. Their coat is pure black, pitch- or charcoal-black.

Black French Bulldogs have a squashed face and upright ears. They weigh 25 to 27 lbs and are 11 to 12 inches high when fully grown.
The Blacks are not listed as a standard variety by kennel clubs. This keeps Black French Bulldogs out of the ring, but makes them lively house dogs, perfect entertainers and easy-to-go companions for all family members.

The Black and Tan specimen — a Dobby in Black Frenchies' skin


Another color rarity for this breed is the Black and Tan French Bulldog (as usually seen in Doberman Pinschers).
When these two rare colors meet, they make a truly amazing coat. A Black and Tan French Bulldog, if you opt for one, is going to be the talk of the town for sure.
Imagine a sleek, shiny black coat with no brindling to it at all, and distinctive tan points above the eyes, cheeks, and lower legs. Contrasting tan points against the coal base make these Black Frenchies look out of this world.

Black French Bulldog puppies need not be all that black, really


Pure Black French Bulldog puppies, Black and Tan... then come the Black and Whites. These have black fur with white markings (more often white with black though). Black and White French Bulldogs are also known to be called piebald.
This coat pattern looks gorgeous. But it is also reasonably low-maintenance, thus scoring extra points with perspective pet owners looking for Black French Bulldogs for sale in United States.

Pretty limited grooming is required generally, with a weekly brushing and an occasional bath for a Black and White French Bulldog.


Black French Bulldogs for sale - what is it all about?
Indeed, what can you expect from Black French Bulldogs for sale?
Black Frenchies are cute and adorable. They make good companions and are excellent for first time pet parents.
Historically bred as lap dogs,  Black Frenchies are known to be friendly and social. They love spending time with their family members.
Your Frenchie pup will be intelligent and smart. To develop this further, it will need a measure of mental stimulation through social interaction, toys, and training.
If you don't want your loyal Black French Bulldog to be overly protective, you will need to socialize it well. Let it experience as many new things and people as possible while it is still young.

A blue-eyed Black French — am I dreaming?


Is it possible to come across Black French Bulldog puppies in United States with blue eyes? Well, a striking color of eyes attract attention no less than a posh black coat.
Blue-eyed Black French Bulldogs for sale do exist, and command extra money for the sheer beauty of this undiluted combination.
Frenchies can have blue eyes for various reasons. Mostly it's due to a particular expression of representative genes.
Will this combination stay forever? Black French Bulldog puppies, just like any dog breed, develop permanent eye color in ten weeks since born. So, if it is blue by that age, it will always stay that way.

However beautiful the blue-eyed dogs may be, some pet lovers would go for the more basic lot of browns and blacks — for the seemingly down-to-earth benefits. Whether a differently-eye-colored French Bulldog would indeed display variations in behavior is questionable. For most part it depends on the upkeep and willingness of the owner to invest his time and love in the new entry to the family.
If in doubt about your choice, why not give Frenchies Kingdom a call with any of the endless list of queries that a curious first-time buyer may have? Our staff will be ever eager to help you with a good pick!

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