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Dogs have always been considered man's best friends. Not all breeds are the same and French Bulldogs take a special place in the hearts of people. These pups are unique and adorable, being able to express a great deal of emotions with their large eyes. It’s hard to surprise anyone with standard Frenchies. That’s why people keep looking for extraordinary tints, one of which is found in super cute merle French bulldogs in United States.

Merle French bulldogs: meet a peculiar phenomenon

Merle French Bulldogs of this kind are one of the latest trends in the dog world. The first thing which is attractive in them is their special color. The tint is created by artificial breeding, which is why some people are against merle puppies. Those Frenchie purists fight for the purity of dogs’ blood.
There’s a popular myth which concerns health problems merle cubs might have. However, the truth is that those problems aren’t connected with the DNA. Thus if stud dogs are bred correctly and responsibly, they will be absolutely healthy. In order to get proper merle color of the litter, it’s crucial to make certain that the pairing of parents is correct.

A trouble might happen when irresponsible breeders cross two merle dogs. The outcome is genetic deviation known as Double Merle. The reason for diverse problems is the fact that the puppies will have 2 pairs of merle chromosomes. It leads to substantial elimination of pigment, which can cause hearing and sight problems. Those dogs will be almost absolutely white with bright blue eyes and might even have eye defects.

Nevertheless, many people are ready to change their minds as soon as they see Merle Frenchie in person or on Youtube. The divine beauty of merles makes so many people buy one for themselves. Due to the fact that merle color is not natural for French Bulldog, this color isn’t officially recognized. This color was initially achieved thanks to the crossing of a French Bulldog with merle Chihuahua. This cross-breeding appeared as some rich people wished to own a Frenchie of totally new irregular color that would look exclusive, luxurious and glamorous. And merle french bulldogs are a real reflection of style. The Merle is now considered to be one of the most presentable, unique and even noble color in French bulldogs. Merle itself is a peculiar chromosome, which can appear in any breed. It leads to random modifications (pigment elimination) of the coat, nose, paw pads, eyes & other parts. 

To get a whelp, it’s required to face a challenge. To obtain a luxury pattern, it’s required to take a pure Frenchie and a pup, which was born as a result of crossing with Chihuahua. The coloration is obtained due to the hue of the original covering of such cubs. Thus, the dark patches remain, granting a special pattern to whelps. The outcome might be whelps of diverse hints, while the most frequent are black/dark brown dogs with the domination of white/cream/fawn combined with dark tints.
Merle Frenchies have 100% bulldogs’ DNA and are considered to be a pureblood. Today they are one of the most rare and expensive colors of French Bulldogs, which will be perfect for those searching for something truly unique.

Blue merle French bulldog - the classics of Merles

Blue merle is the most popular type of this coat color, which is indeed an incomparable beauty. The basic tint of that color is black, which was slightly diluted. As a result, the coat has a clear blue shade.

A Blue merle French bulldog in United States is known for its special eye tint. It’s caused by the elimination of pigment on the iris. The phenomenon is called heterochromia iridis. If you are looking for a pup with eyes that will stay permanently sky-blue, a blue merle French bulldog is your best choice. It is also possible to find such outstanding eyes in Lilac Frenchies.

Lilac merle French bulldog

The Lilac merle French bulldog is the most hard to find. The tint is obtained as a result of a mixture of chocolate and blue colored Frenchies. The blue hue gets diluted, allowing a lilac shade to appear.

The eyes of a Lilac merle French bulldog have a light tint, which usually doesn’t change as the dog becomes older and is grey with blue and purple hues. It takes a breeder much care and knowledge to produce healthy and great looking pups of that stunning color, therefore you have to look for a responsible and experienced French Bulldog breeder before making your choice.

Chocolate merle French bulldog: a tasty mixture

A chocolate merle French bulldog has brownish spots, which show up on the top of a chocolate base shade. These cute creatures have slightly brown noses and green or light brown eyes in most cases. Their general color makes them look like delicious milk chocolate. Looking at a chocolate merle French bulldog, you might think the dog’s looks resemble tiger’s. But it’s just enough to look in vivid faithful eyes to fall in love with them forever.

Black merle French bulldog: stay dominant

Black is a dominant shade for the majority of colors in French Bulldogs. In the case of a Black merle French bulldog, this tint isn’t diluted. The dog of such a tint will have deep black spots, which can occasionally look chocolate. A Black merle French bulldog is often confused with Brindle. 

Fawn merle French bulldog color

To achieve such color, a breeder should carefully match a dog with pure fawn chromosome with a dog carrying merle DNA, in that case there is a chance that some of the puppies in the litter will be fawn merle French bulldog.

These pups are quite rare and very expensive due to their uniqueness. Along with a variation having a brownish color, doggies might have a little blue fawn hint. To achieve it, two copies of the diluted chromosome are additionally required. As a result, you can become an owner of an exceptional blue fawn dog.

Red merle French bulldog: Tweedie

The breeders find a special modifier, which is able to turn grey into blue or light brown into red. As a result, they present a Red merle French bulldog with brown & tan hues. The most devoted fans of such a coloration claim that the true tweed merle pups don’t have any white spots. The coloring is exceptional & very rare. With such a friend by your side, you will attract the attention of every dogman and impress all people around.

Merle Frenchies: the attitude of clubs

As of today none of the Merle colors is recognized by the AKC. The club accepts only classic colors, such as: brindle, fawn, white, brindle-and-white and some others.
Becoming an owner of a merle Frenchie, you won’t have a chance to register your dog in the American Kennel Club. Thus, if it’s important to participate in various competitions, dog shows it’s better to select anything but merle color.

However, a wonderful Merle French Bulldog  will become your best friend, will love your kids and be endlessly faithful. You’ll fall in love with their playfulness, loyalty and optimism. Their character is the same as other Frenchies have. As all French Bulldogs, Merles are medium sized dogs that makes them perfect fit for anyone living in a big city or in the country. Be sure you have enough time to spend with your dog, as all Merle Frenchies need lots of time and attention.

Merle female or merle male French bulldog?

Since your Frenchie will stay with you for the next ten-twelve years, it’s essential to choose the dog that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and mindset. Being pure Frenchies according to the DNA, Merle Frenchies carry the same traits. Thus, a merle male French bulldog is more energetic, playful, confident & mischievous. With one, it is amazing to have fun but very hard to train. 

Females of Merle French bulldogs in United States, on the other hand, are much calmer & shyer. You can teach them and enjoy your time together in any condition.
Make sure to find a reliable breeder like us and buy one of merle French bulldogs – dogs of your dream – to become your fellow, support & source of fun vital energy!

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