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Christopher Graham
Christopher Graham 09/07/2023
We could not be more satisfied with our Frenchie from Frenchies Kingdom. She has a beautiful personality and is perfectly healthy. We were a bit nervous about buying a puppy we had not seen but could not imagine a more perfect addition to our family. Our vet said she is "well-bred" and has no signs of knee or hip problems. Her breathing is normal, and she came to us well cared for and socialized. We have no reservations recommending this breeder.
Isabella 08/01/2023
I got my mom a Frenchie from Ftenchies Kingdom for Mother’s Day and he was so helpful and communicated with us through the whole process! We love our pup and he has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! He was renamed to Alfredo and is almost 5 months old and is the sweetest most cuddly little guy! I would highly recommend getting your new best friend from Frenchies Kingdom!
Julie Kirchoff
Julie Kirchoff 06/13/2023
Getting little Roscoe from Frenchies Kingdom was a delight. Not wanting a show fog but a pet we got just the little guy we were hoping. He is well adjusted, happy, playful and very good. I recommend Frenchies Kingdom got a great pup
Asma Bouchouari
Asma Bouchouari 05/20/2023
We fell in love with Rea the moment we saw her. David was so helpful with the exchange explained everything we need to know and answered all of our questions about Rea, also gave us a bag of food for the road would definitely recommend
Mercedes Khan
Mercedes Khan 05/13/2023
It’s been a little over a year since getting my kids Ace and Zoe and it’s been wonderful. I recommend frenchie kingdom every chance I get to friends and family interested in frenchies.
Leticia 04/19/2023
Hi this is Dj we bought him at Frenchies Kingdom he’s really sweet! If ur interested on buying a frenchie I perfer u to get one at Frenchies Kingdom because there frenchies are very adorable! When we got Dj on September 11 he was 2 months old now he’s 8 months old and soon going to be 1 yrs old on 4th of July! -By The Herrera Family
Tommy 04/12/2023
We picked up our little guy (kingo) now Mando March 31st. He’s a blue and white Merle and such a great pup. My experience from start to finish was great. I would highly recommend using Frechie kingdom. I will again in the future when I get a female.
Dulce 03/24/2023
We had a great experience with David he was very helpful & professional…We ended up with two beautiful healthy frenchies!!! I would recommend them they are awesome!!! They adjusted very well at our home with the family… they are well behaved & good temperament….Meet our micro Merle Dior, his brother chocolate fluffy Gucci!!!!! We are very happy!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Naomi 03/23/2023
We got Ace (Hunter) right before Christmas this past year. He is the most loving, silly, energetic dog and look forward to getting another pup from David soon. David was very informative and great through the whole process.
Erin 03/23/2023
I got Orka we call him Gus , he is truly the best puppy ever and we are so in love with him! I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction between me and frenchies kingdom. I totally appreciate everything!
Brittany 03/15/2023
We got “orlan” on 2/22/23 and now call him Ozzy, & have been absolutely smitten ever since! He’s such a well behaved, smart puppy! Super healthy, the vet has had nothing but good things to say about him thus far. We truly couldn’t be happier and now wanted all of the Frenchie kingdom pups!
Rowan 03/11/2023
Dave is great, takes great care of his puppies. Couldn’t be more over joyed to have my little boy in my life now thank you so much !
April 03/07/2023
I got Shaby who is now known as Georgie. He is the cuetest little man! Tons of personality and super sweet and cuddly. He fits right into my family with 2 english bulldog sisters. I would purchase here again!
Jason & Jessie
Jason & Jessie 03/01/2023
We bought "Nina" now named Makena Blu in January after the tragic loss of our 5yr. Kaia Blu, having a tumor inside of her Trachea and ultimately having to put her down. Makena is a wonderful dog! She is smart, loving and absolutely apple of our eye. David was super informative and it was an easy transaction. Makena is super healthy and we are absolutely in love with her. We will be returning in the future for a sister for Makena!
Aner 02/28/2023
I got my lil boy Liddy but we renamed him rocky Bought him about 1 month ago. We are so in love him. He’s so good with my kids If I were to get another Frenchie I’d definitely get another one from Frenchies Kingdom!
Christopher L
Christopher L 02/20/2023
WINNIE is a dream come true she was picked for me by my wife. The day we came to pick her up she was the only dog not barking like she new. I held her in my arms and she shut started to snuggle up. We have been best buddies from that day. Healthy dog , and a great business man to deal with.
Endia 02/12/2023
I got my lil guy Carter but we renamed him Tank about 1 month ago. We are so in love him. He’s so good with my kids and has such a great personality. If I were to get another Frenchie I’d definitely get another one from Frenchies Kingdom!
Ngwese Verkis
Ngwese Verkis 02/09/2023
I bought my French bulldog puppy. very healthy and playful
Stephanie 02/09/2023
We bought our baby boy Thor back in September and he has truly changed our life! I want to thank you for being very responsive and answering all our questions. The process was easy from beginning to end. Everyone at our Vet loves him and he is a healthy boy! We are thinking about getting a second one soon. We will definitely be back for sure.
David Wert
David Wert 02/04/2023
Just wanted to let people known. We adopted 2 Frenchies my wifes idea grrrr. Boys had there 1st vet appt Vet said beautiful healthy pups ! They are potty trained and doing great .Here is Nico the lilac one and Zeuze the blue one .
Eric Van Leuvan
Eric Van Leuvan 01/28/2023
You can tell David really cares about the puppies he sells, and our family can’t thank you enough! Reggie (Hamish) is such a part of us already and we couldn’t love him more. He is goofy, energetic and a massive sweetheart. The kids love him so much, and he love them! Thanks again! You really can’t go wrong buying from frenchies kingdom!
Gianna 01/25/2023
Great experience with Frenchies Kingdom. Mario is an awesome puppy and we couldnt be happier with him. From the beginning to when we picked our puppy up Frenchies Kingdom was fantastic.
Jonathan & Brina
Jonathan & Brina 01/18/2023
I was looking to gift my wife and daughter a puppy for Christmas I didn’t know how to go about it so I just sat and went on a search hunt for a couple months and that’s when I found the perfect French Bulldog breeder once i knew where the breeder was located I was super pumped to know he was just about two hour away from me. Let me just say David was friendly, VERY informative about the breed and the transaction went so smoothly, He made sure everything went well. David is quick to respond if you have any questions. I am so happy to have purchase my boy (Elvis) he is one energetic, happy healthy little puppy and cute as a button. We love him!!! I have attached a picture of him
Patty 01/13/2023
David was very helpful in selecting my boy (Gizmo). He took the time to answer all of my questions. It’s been 3 weeks since Gizmo came home and he is doing great! Lovable, playful and healthy. Would recommend FrenchiesKingdom to anyone looking for a frenchie!