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Blue and tan
Blue and Tan
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Blue and Tan Fluffy

Tan French Bulldogs, the pride of Frenchies kingdom

Tan French Bulldogs? They are a type of black Frenchies with the inherited tan points gene. This color combination is often seen in Dobermans and Rottweilers, but it is pretty rare for this breed. 
Tan French Bulldogs may look like a scaled-down Rottweiler if you will.

Be more specific about tan French Bulldog puppies

The range of colors met in pet dogs is naturally limited. People tend to award even a slight variation of a given color a special, distinct definition, which may cause some confusion. 

Tan French Bulldog puppies are often referred to as "fawns". Well, fawn is on the lightish side of the spectrum and gets its name from the color of baby deer, or fawns.
Many different shades of "fawn" range anywhere from a pale tan to deer-red. Fawn has been recognized as an official color for the French Bulldog by the American Kennel Club. But it's not so straightforward for the tan Frenchie pool.

We always advise interested customers to communicate with us on every aspect of a future purchase. Color variations in tan French Bulldogs are many and should be carefully addressed.

The tans in fact is a whole range of shades, the most common to be described below. We'll start with the famed blue and tan French Bulldogs.

Blue and tan French Bulldogs — the cutest of them all?

The blue and tans, a variety of the wider tan French Bulldog puppies pool, share a solid blue base coat color with beige markings on the paws, chest, bottom and cheek. The more distinct the color difference, the more strikingly beautiful these puppies appear.
People adore blue and tan French bulldogs as they are simply irresistible!
Blue and tan French Bulldogs are considered rare and cost accordingly. Call us for availability details.

Black and tan French Bulldogs, a truly uncommon sight

The black and tan (like in a Doberman), and the all black with no trace of brindle are another patterns considered rare in French Bulldogs.
These colors are dominant to the point of effectively suppressing all others in the bloodline when breeding. Thus producing a healthy B&T pup 
takes a focused, concerted effort from established producers.

No wonder black and tan French Bulldogs are not a common sight even in the most affluent gated communities of Florida and California.

Black and tan French Bulldogs enjoy solid black coat base with tan points. By "points" we mean the markings that commonly appear in the “eyebrows” shape, as well as patches on the sides of the cheeks, paws and occasionally even on the tail.

If in doubt, contact us for more insight into shade variations in the coming litters and updates on black and tan French Bulldogs.

Lilac tan French Bulldog, another name for a real stunner

A lilac tan French Bulldog has a noticeable lilac hue of the coat. The same gene causes a blue hue of hair.
Pale greyish-brown is how to describe this color in a simple way. This occurs spontaneously when the dog is a carrier of a recessive gene.

Lilac tan French Bulldogs share a lilac base with beige markings on the paws, chest, bottom, cheek and eyebrows.

The more distinct the color difference, the more beautiful these puppies look. Rare as they are, and difficult to produce, lilac and tans are the kind not everyone can afford, often going into tens of thousands.

Chocolate and tan French Bulldog, a special treat

Chocolate and tan French Bulldogs wear a chocolate base color with red and beige markings on the paws, bottom, chest, cheek and eyebrows. This is not a combination one comes by pretty often. With strong, and growing, demand on the market an interested buyer should not be surprised to face a price tag of about $10,000, probably slightly less.

A choco tan Frenchie should not be confused with a coco, i.e. cocoa-colored French Bulldog. They are visually distinct. The cocoa phenotype is slightly darker than the other identified brown colors in dogs.

Chocolate and tan French Bulldogs are harder to breed and the availablity is limited.

Tan French Bulldog puppies we offer come with a comprehensive health guarantee, are fully vaccinated and ready to enter their new families for a happy, lasting union. We provide for payment variability and unique trading features for tan French Bulldogs that may save you thousands!

A tan Frenchie of your choice bought from us is an assured way towards a loving companionship for many years to come!

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