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If there's a pet your child of any age will feel comfortable with, it's a Blue French Bulldog  in United States.Owning one gives parents total peace of mind if you ever questioned the safety of keeping a pet in a house with children. Needless to say, Blue Frenchies is a huge pull for adults as well.

Buy a Blue Frenchies good with toddlers, babies and kids?

French Bulldogs were bred to be human companion dogs, and this is seen in the way Blue Frenchies behave with kids of any age. Little barking, low aggression, cuddliness and protectiveness of their owners are all trademarks of true Blue French Bulldog in United States. The easy-going nature of Blue baby French Bulldog make them ideal for kids. Young kids can be rough unwillingly, pushing and shoving a Blue French Bulldog Puppy dog as they play. In a testament to its calm nature, Baby Blue French Bulldog would never react in a bad way, not even give away a bark. Your dog would put up with a lot.
To reduce potential conflicts, make sure the Blue French Bulldog Puppy is well socialized and well trained. Kids should be taught how to properly interact with dogs as well.

A big advantage of having a Frenchie in a family is that it can teach kids responsibility. Before you Buy A Blue French Bulldog if your child asks you for a puppy, try to explain this will carry along some duties. These easy to do regular chores may include feeding a Blue French Bulldog in the morning and afternoon, taking it out for walks every day, giving water and bathing them. This routine is fun, and will educate a child some basics of responsible, orderly conduct to grow up with.
Blue French Bulldog Puppy can be your child’s playmate. Blue Frenchie Puppies are eager to play together and have each other entertained. This may keep a kid busy for hours at a time. Blue Frenchies are indeed like another kid in the house.

A possible downside of Blue Frenchie Puppies' easy-going nature is that it may get easily "turned on" any time. While a Blue French Bulldog releases energy in short bursts, it may become overly excited, and try to engage a child in a play when the latter is not in the mood. This is never malicious and the Baby Blue French Bulldog will return to a calmer mode in some 15 minutes and probably go for a brief nap next.

Buy a Blue French Bulldog for play, love and more

Most dog breeds were created for work purposes in mind (like hunting). Not Blue Frenchie Puppies - they were meant only to be a friend. The American Temperament Test Society puts dogs of all breeds in outdoor settings and scores their temperament based on obedience and aggression. French Bulldogs returned a average score of 96.2%, indicating a dog with a very docile nature.

Blue Frenchie Puppies are often called "clown dogs" for their love of putting on a show. Trying to get your attention, a Blue French Bulldog will do silly and entertaining tricks, jump, roll or paw - much to the delight of kids.
This dog will enjoy wrestling around a lot. Their thick build and durability make it highly unlikely that your child will injure a Frenchie.

Blue Baby French Bulldog, a born entertainer

All Bulldogs share a certain “rowdiness” to their nature, resulting in specific behavior patterns. French Bulldog puppies love to play rough, vigorous games. Keep this in mind when you consider whether to Buy a Blue French Bulldog. 

They tend to “mouth” when in play. This is not aggressive in the least, but with sharp puppy teeth, things happen. The golden safety rule then would be: always supervise children with a Blue French Bulldog Puppy. However good-natured the pet is, keep an eye on it.

Since the dog is a pack animal, it is not natural for them to be left alone for too long. French Bulldogs thrive in a company!

One of the limitations is that French Bulldogs are not well-suited for children who like to play in the water. They simply do not swim at all.

This is a low-energy dog with limited endurance. It may have issues with separation anxiety.

Overall, the French Bulldog is an excellent choice for a family pet.

Why wait any longer? Buy a Blue French Bulldog!

Summing up, French Bulldogs  in United States are very affectionate, devoted family animals, posing no danger to children under normal circumstances. They are playful, strong built, and thus injury resilient.

Frenchies are wonderful companions for small children from toddlers up. Please remember it is a long-time commitment requiring determined effort. But you'll get many wonderful years with your family to enjoy.

When given the right kind of loving family environment, these dogs will respond to your care with the obedience and devotion you deserve.

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