White and Black French Bulldog puppies

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White and black French Bulldogs: marked for spots, not checks

White and black French Bulldogs. Or it is Black and whites? Character features of the all-conquering black and white Frenchies (or in the reverse order).

You may come across a white black French Bulldog casually strolling a NYC street without realizing the king of the mountain is trotting by. Yet this grumpy on the outside but mellow within thing is a top choice for showbiz celebs and commoners seeking a balanced yet merry pet companion. The list of owners from the jet set community’s contact list seems to end well over horizon.

White and black French Bulldogs: not your chess classic

White and black French Bulldogs are unusual: you won’t find them on the list of colors approved for dog show by the US canine authority. No shows then, but more space for improvising.
Disqualified from the ring, white and black French Bulldogs find a refuge in quiet (not always) pleasures of happy family life this adorable thing was created for in the first place.

Okay, can I learn more about this spotted type? Should I call them checkered?
Either way it’s down to DNA, any gene interaction is only predictable to a point, lot of uncertainty remains. One has to be a seasoned breeder to definitely predict a white and black French Bulldog puppy appearing in a particular litter.

Two spotted parents don’t equal a spotted offspring. This is indeed complex; no wonder a white and black French Bulldog puppy will drive prices up.

Canine experts divide white and black French Bulldogs into three categories based on the prevalence of the “pied” element (that is, large zones of secondary color against a base shade):

  • Medium is when white and black areas are about the same size when combined. Spots of shade visually in minority should be placed uniformly, symmetrically. They are white or black, not sandy or ashen.  
  • Limited. In this case almost the entire body is covered with black hair. A white tie may be worn in the neck area. White spots may be seen in the chest area and on paws.
  • ”Absorbing”. In absorbing white and black French Bulldogs it’s the white base that is dominant. Spots of black are very few, sitting on the paws, chest, underbelly. This pattern is considered the rarest of all W&Bs. The white background is overpowering with alien marks nearly invisible. Specs of odd coloration on the eyelids, nose, lips is all that remains.

Black and white Frenchies: not much “bull” left in dog

Black and white Frenchies quickly establish a bond with all members of the owner’s family. Company of loving humans is their natural place; a French thrives in the limelight. Compact physique would not prevent your pal from dashing to the help if danger is sensed. That may be the only throw-bask to the breed’s historic fighting dog traits. Nowadays it’s a picture of a calm, balanced, assured pet. Fighting for the sake of fights is never on the agenda of the placid individual.
Black and white Frenchies are curious enough to introduce themselves to other variously colored animals. They’re never imposing at that. This is an inborn feature; if some domineering is discovered, it should be trained out.

Training tips and advice from handlers:

  • Black and white Frenchies are stubborn and may appear lazy during classes. No reaction to repeated commands means the pup is fed up with education for the time being. Make sessions short and fun to get the pupil interested and involved.
  • Calm and relaxed, black and white Frenchies may suddenly hit the “on” button. Your bud would run around the house like mad making a mess of things. This will recede naturally soon. You may speed the “off” mode by addressing the pup in stern voice and taking it by the nape of the neck to instantly communicate who’s bossing things.
  • Rewarding good behavior with treats is okay, but be economical.
  • Initiate housebreaking from day one. When a white and black French Bulldog puppy starts sniffing the floor and swirl, it’s time to take it outside. Use soft harness when you give leash-training, as this will save the pup from any skin irritation; transit to proper, stiffer leads gradually.
  • Train your black and white French Bulldog to schedule. Long breaks between sessions means time wasted. Repeat the commands learned previously as you start a new lesson.

White and black French Bulldog puppy: coats that befit any dwelling

Black and white Frenchies would feel at home anywhere. A crammed town apartment? Taking it with all four paws!
Low on maintenance and upkeep, the posh thing is efficient on energy as well. Short, brisk exercising followed by lengthy chillout spells is very much appreciated. Two half-hour walks a day is all it needs to recharge batteries for lengthy entertainment back home.

Keep the newly rehomed puppy on a lead while socializing. The reason is a fresh French Bulldog black and white puppy hasn’t mastered obedience routine yet. A novice may disregard the owner’s commands, chase cats or pick up discarded wrappings.
Wash the paws with warm water after return home, inspect eyes and ears every evening. Wipe folds on the muzzle frequently to keep them dry.

The latter is virtually the only point that may complicate maintenance of white black French bulldogs. The short coats they wear keep servicing basic. Comb every other day, bathe once every three months. More frequent bathing will rob your black and white Frenchie puppy of natural skin lubricants. No undercoat means warm jacket is required for winter walks, and overalls in bad weather.

French Bulldog black and white puppy: where to cut corners

Of all the unusual shades met in Frenchies, B&W’s can double down on unusualness. No wonder inquiring about a black and white Frenchie puppy may leave one unsettled. Okay, $1,500-$3,000 as a median for a pup of any coat, slightly more or less. But $7,000 for a French Bulldog black and white puppy? Absurd!

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