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Tri colored French Bulldog puppies: unusual? costly? in demand?

As the name suggests, Tricolor French Bulldogs are those representatives of the given breed that wear skins consisting of elements of three variously constructed patterns. You can spell it “tri color” or “tri-color” too.
Blended fawn and brindle (themselves not solids) arranged in red, black or tan patches are thrown over a sea of white in specific areas or throughout the body. So in this trio of colors, we have white (№1) and a couple more.

Paraphrasing, in a “tri”, we see a base coat of just a single color. The next missing two are displayed as locally placed markings.

Tri color Frenchies: shake, not stir

As advised throughout on this site, many terms regarding coloring aspects in French Bulldogs may be difficult to fully comprehend for a novice owner. If confused or in doubt, give us a call for a plain-language guidance on the colors used in the industry parlance and available currently with us, or likely in forthcoming litters. Don’t let the rich tri color French Bulldog issue sink you.           

Genes’ meet-ups behind tri color Frenchies occurring at all are spontaneous. No wonder then the American Kennel Club only recognizes one pattern as good enough for shows in tricolor French Bulldogs, namely “fawn brindle and white”. We’ll dwell more below.

The three most usual varieties in tricolor French Bulldogs

Among the combinations most commonly met in tri colored French Bulldog puppies are chocolate, black and blue. With the latter, a pup must have tan and lilac points scattered around the face and tail. Chocolates share tan and choco markings against the otherwise solid black body. For a black tri, a canine must display tan and white spots.

How much for tri color Frenchies?

Tri color French Bulldogs are historically a recent addition to the Frenchies’ family, having been developed about thirty years ago. No surprise so that our conservative regulator granted its approval (vetted for show ring) only to the supposedly prevailing type of tri color French Bulldogs (itself based on the type prevailing in non-tris).                   

Now, how much a cost for tricolors? Tri colored French Bulldog puppies need not command additional premiums for this “tri” distinction per se, hovering level with puppies of standard shades between $1,500 and $3,000. One may find a marketing-nature explanation of the “rarity” behind a particularly daring shade. But the truth is that beyond a limited range of basic patterns every coloration in Frenchies is an exception. So think and decide for yourself when looking for tri color Frenchies.

We at the very appropriately named Frenchies Kingdom offer a range of very reasonably-priced sturdy puppies, tricolor French Bulldogs included. Surf this platform, call with questions, enjoy our quality, prices and fresh doggy faces!

Tri color French Bulldog – train and upkeep with no extra effort

Tips or advice on care and maintenance specifics for tricolor French Bulldogs? Apart from appealing appearance, tris is much the same combination of simplicity plus endurance when displaying basic traits, character, grooming and nutrition needs.
Tri color Frenchies love to busk in the spotlight and frolic with kids, to enjoy their meals and not to overexercise at that. Watching meal sizes is therefore essential, since you would probably not succeed at shredding excessive pounds off your buddy through heavy walks or runs (do they even do the proper running?). Yeah, surprisingly or not, this born clown would impersonate an athlete eager to release energy only so far as a dozen minutes at a time.
For more useful info on this fab breed, browse this site or give us a call with specific queries about tri colored French Bulldog puppies. Adios!

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