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Tan merle French Bulldog: posh, costly, yet budget in care

Tan merle French Bulldogs: what makes them stand out. Do unusual coats translate into different behavior?

Of all the canines stopped at the doors of confirmation shows in the US, tan merle French Bulldogs must be among the happiest ones. Left out, but who really cares? Less stress and more ways to show their funny, enterprising, entertaining side to the loving family and friends.
Thus “a non-standard” stamp awarded by the American Kennel Club may turn a blessing in disguise for some. The unmerited exclusion can hardly serve merle tan French Bulldogs better, for now they can devote all their time to please the owner.

Tan merle French Bulldogs: coats to wear with pride

The base coat in tan merle French Bulldogs is usually on the light side of grayish-blue, with scattered darker patches, markings creating a swirl of spots. The specks are black, lilac, blue. As for the “tan” generalization… well. Let’s call them that way. In a merle tan French Bulldog, tanned markings mostly appear on the chest, paws, muzzle, and abdomen. Light fawn is yet another branding for these.

Merle and “Agouti” genes determine coloration genetics play behind this particular design in a blue and tan merle French Bulldog or any tan merle French Bulldog. The former factor controls spots and patches distribution, the latter - tan shades. Does it tell you a thing? Not us. What we do know, this delicate match is hard to reproduce. It doesn’t happen to order a pup of a certain design. Trusted breeders don’t take orders at the whim, the welfare of canines is always given priority.

Have a look at the available colors, prices Frenchies Kingdom offer at the moment. Give us a call if your desired tint is missing.

Tan merle French Bulldogs, as is common with the breed, stay compact, muscled, stocky. The coat would be short, not in need of extra grooming. Facial folds may be the only area requiring more of an effort in wiping dry.
This thing is not meant for swimming, so better be kept away from open water. 

Blue and tan merle French Bulldog, a temperament to enjoy

This is as balanced and even-tempered dog companion as they come. No problems exist with kids, pets, strangers through proper, pretty simple socializing.
The merle tan French Bulldog is a synonym of loyalty, devotion, measured merrymaking. It knows where to play and when to chill out by the owner’s side or elsewhere, during moody spells.

A blue and tan merle French Bulldog is smart enough to correctly follow its in-built radar, trying to please wherever possible. It’s easy and fun to train.

Merle tan French Bulldog: in-demand luxury

Blessed with striking coats and leave of absence from shows, blue and tan merle French Bulldogs merit a very significant price tag of $3,000-$8,000 directly from producers.
Insane, you say, particularly compared with regularly-colored Frenchies still valued a substantial $1,500-$2,500 (this figure is without add-ons, which may be mandated).
Now take a couple of minutes to scroll the options available at this very site. Years of experience, accumulated knowledge and love for the breed allow us to provide most reasonably prices pups. Check for availability, offer your own estimate (sic!), trade and save even more if you collect at our operation in eastern PA, an hour’s drive from NYC.
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