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Spotted French Bulldog: a tale of a leopard and his spots 

Can you spot a difference between spotted French Bulldogs and unspotted brethren? Tips from coat maintenance manual for spotted Frenchies.

Spotted French Bulldogs (like a blue spotted French Bulldog) would be a distinct variation of the well-known, immensely popular canine breed currently sitting top of all charts in America. It’s compact enough to fit in any city apartment, enjoys big companies and fun, and is pretty budget in upkeep. Kids and other pets are befriended on the go.

Spotted French Bulldog: what spots to look for 

Strictly speaking, no “spotted French Bulldogs” exists in the breeders’ inventories. A prospective buyer is of cause free to look for whatever definition he awards a particular design, even as the industry lists it under a different tag. The “merle” pattern would more often come to mind to describe the very same thing.
This is straight out of the trade’s parlance and means a classic field of neighboring medium-sized specks of white-gray-black palette predominantly.

This combination looks gorgeous, but not in conformity with the range dictated by the US canine authority for this breed. Thus spotted French Bulldogs are not welcomed in dog shows run under the Club’s auspices. Relieved from the stresses of the ring, a spotted Frenchie would be as much an accommodating, easy-going, merrymaking member of the family as any regularly-colored French.

A bit more on the specifics of the coat design in spotted Frenchies.

The pattern can range from small stars and specks to large patches that cover most of the body. The spots would be distributed evenly or concentrated in certain areas. It makes any Spot 100%-unique in appearance. The base color in a spotted French Bulldog would be white, with spots of black, purple or blue.

An uncommon combination of genes is responsible for the end result in a beautiful coat of a blue spotted French Bulldog. There’s no way to fully guarantee the desired variation in a given litter. This may or may not happen. Thus, “rare” concoctions are given the name for a reason. These pups are not often put on the market and draw increased demand.

Core appearance features in a spotted Frenchie

Marbled French Bulldogs are muscled and short-coated. Yet more hallmarks would include bat-like erect ears, flat face with folds, bulging button eyes shining with interest.

Marbled French Bulldog: not your Elgin marbles

A “marbled French Bulldog” is yet another way to call a spotted Frenchie, as the structure of noble sorts of the mineral resembles the scattered spots of a dog’s outfit.
The latter demands care not surpassing what is reasonably mandated for any short-haired canine:

  • Comb every other day, and daily when molting. Better do it on return home after a walk, at the doorsteps, not to carry the dead hair inside.
  • Bathe only when really necessary (dirty), as frequent bathing may lead to skin issues in marbled French Bulldogs.
  • Check the coat often for ticks, fleas, other parasites, clean earwax, remove eye discharge.
  • Make lean meats, cereals, veg and greens the staples if you opt for a natural diet for overall well-being and coat sheen.

Blue spotted French Bulldog: spots cost above the median

Convention has it that a cost of a French puppy in one of standard colors anywhere in the US would start at around $1,500 and hardly exceed $2,500 if bought first-hand directly from the breeder. Claims of particularly “ethical” approach to breeding would likely result in hugely inflated tags for the same ordinary pup. There’s no way to actually support these claims, so trading empty air is due.
Now, with shades, tints, textures (as in “fluffy” Bulldogs) added to the coloring ghetto established by the canine authority, this same air trading goes to another level. Unusuals cost a lot more, for scarce supply unsettles pricing scales. Thus, blue spotted French Bulldogs would start at $3,500.

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