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Red French Bulldog puppies

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What you need to know about the Red French Bulldog

If you love the stature, gorgeous looks, easy-going and playful nature of the French Bulldog, you should not miss out on Red Frenchies. The Red Fawn and the Red French Bulldog mean the same, so you can use both.

When one says "the French Bulldog", a basic, breed-trademark black and white pattern would commonly jump to mind. The true color range for the Frenchies is much wider. It duly includes the Reds.

The red color choice does vary. It can go anywhere from tan to deep red, with shades in between. The Red French Bulldog enjoys popularity and can sometimes be challenging to find. They tend to be expensive as well.


The Red French Bulldog for sale in United States — what makes them special?

The Red Frenchies basically share traits with other differently-colored French Bulldogs we offer.

The appearance. Red French Bulldogs (or any Frenchie for that matter) are small dogs and will grow to 13 inches in height at most for a grown male.
They are muscular, a bit meaty and can be pretty heavy (up to 28 pounds). An adorable wrinkly smashed face, a mushed little nose, large ears it never really grows into — is this cute Red French Bulldog for sale not to be loved?
Your Red Frenchies will have a short-haired coat and not shed a ton. The coat is smooth and soft to the touch, the more so when the dog is freshly bathed. The Red French Bulldog for sale loves to bathe, even as it is unable to swim!


The Red Frenchies, a joy to watch, own, and train

The temperament. Red Frenchies are playful and a bit goofy — they must be your home clown! They enjoy fun and always show it. When happy, they wiggle their entire rear, not just a tail.

They don’t have a problem chilling and snuggling when the situation commands.

They may get noisy when they get excited. Still, they don’t bark just for the sake of it. When your Red French Bulldog barks, you know it is alerted for a reason.

Finally, the Red French Bulldog for sale is likely to be very nosy. The pup will want to be up in your business — for it loves you and wants to know what’s going on. A willingly loyal and faithful companion in any situation is perhaps its best feature.

Training. The Red French Bulldog is an intelligent, observant creature.
They pay attention and learn quickly. Because of this, Red French Bulldog puppies for sale train pretty easily.

A Red Frenchie can also be a bit stubborn. Be consistent showing them what you expect, this will help form newer, better habits faster. Your stubborn Red French Bulldog puppies for sale will want to please you. With some easy positive reinforcement, the training cycle will be most simple and short.


Red French Bulldog puppies for sale — turn to a trusted breeder

The Red French Bulldog for sale in United States is a fine companion to own and enjoy. Its cuteness and appeal can only be matched by its charming appearance.

Once you have made your mind about a Red French Bulldog, pick a puppy out of an awesome range French Kingdom offers, and you won`t have any regrets ever!

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