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Red fawn French Bulldogs: affordable luxury

Appearance traits for red fawn French Bulldogs? The “red” does not mean unruly and exceedingly stubborn. Training tips for red fawns.

Popular Frenchies come in countless shades, red fawn French Bulldogs included in the pool. The breed is popular with US dog fanciers for its even-tempered character and compact build, making it an ideal city citizen.

Red fawn French Bulldogs: more red? more fawn?

Red fawns… should not be confused with red dawns. Kidding. When it comes to sublime hues, it’s not easy to pick all the right words. 
In red fawn French Bulldogs, coats would be a combination of red-brown and fawn. The latter word, not commonly used, relates to skins of deer of any age and species. “Brownish” may be the closest it comes in plain down-to-earth English. But then, “red-brown” is “brownish” as well. Confusion is due. To clear matters, give us a call, or, better, arrange a visit to our operation in Pennsylvania. We’re located an hour’s drive from NYC metro area.

Where were we? Right, the coats. In red fawn Frenchies they are mostly solid (of one shade only), varying from light beige to dark red-brown. No small markings are registered, but the chest and underbelly may be white.  The hair on the back may be a dash darker. A dark face mask (black or dark brown) is mandated.

A compound DNA action is in play to produce the particular coat design seen in red fawn French Bulldogs. We’ll not go any deeper in that for it’s not possible to make the explanation short and concise. It doesn’t occur often, thus red fawn Frenchies are only supplied to the market every so often.

Stocky body physique is complemented by flat, wide head with erect ears in this breed. The eyes are dark (the charming blue is a show disqualifier) and expressive.
Red fawn French bulldog wear smooth, short coats not in need of special care. Wash the paws and belly with warm water after each walk. Bathe with shampoo only if very dirty.  

Sweet, able red fawn Frenchies: no red menace

Tips that may come useful when raising red fawn Frenchies:

  • Start with the simplest commands of all. Proceed to complex ones gradually. Shower the pupil with praise, be economical in sweet treats.
  • Early training means easy and successful education. Introduce your bud to novel things one fresh face, venue or muzzle at a time. This will help grow your new tenant free of aggression and agitation.
  • Run the classes to schedule, keep the training spells short, make them fun.
  • Even for this fan of leisurely cuddles, snuggles and chill-outs exercising is a must. No time for daily walks? Let your bud stroll by itself in a fenced backyard if you have one.
  • Calm, but firm telling off for bad behavior is better than raising your voice and shouting. Don’t be physical ever!

Red fawn French Bulldog puppies: rare shades bring higher tags

It is accepted that a French pup in regular colors good for shows would cost from $1,500 across the United States. This is the absolute minimum one may meet in web search. The reality would in all probability be different, on the higher side. It’s double so for rare shades. Red fawn French Bulldog puppies, a non-standard product not abundant on the market, may hit the $5,500 mark.

Now read this. In Frenchies Kingdom you meet a well-established producer with decades of experience in this trade. We sell very reasonably priced red fawn French Bulldog puppies and differently-patterned pups. Bred to the best industry standards, they’re ready to move homes for quite moderate figures.
Browse this site for the choices available at this moment, inquire if a color of your dream is not currently there. Newborns’ profiles are posted and offered for rehoming as soon as legally possible; new litters are coming in every day. Look for red fawn French Bulldog puppies, offer your price (yes, we do welcome bargains), collect at our location in person and save even more!

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