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Pied French Bulldogs: coats that cost small fortunes

Pied French Bulldogs: you’ve seen this before, but didn’t know the right word for it. Praised and highly prized – for a reason or on a whim?

The French Bulldog is now officially the Dog Number One in America. It’s easy to explain, since the breed is top for loyalty, fun and ease of accommodation and care. Any city dweller, single or with multiple children, would find this compact built, well-balanced, both placid and merry furry companion sitting as close to a pet ideal as humanly (doggin) possible. Activity-mad individuals may rightly disagree, for the thing would turn down an invitation to jog 24/7.
A variation of the breed called pied French Bulldogs shares coat designs not approved for shows by the US canine authority. Keep this in mind looking for pied French Bulldogs for sale.

Pied French Bulldogs: where to start with in “pies” 

The core, puzzling “pied” article in pied French Bulldogs branding… In essence, “pied” means large areas of two bordering colors, rather than small markings, spots or specks. Motley, patchwork may be used as synonyms – but this doesn’t happen in real life, since the breeding industry prefers to go complex in coats description. Presumably this is done to drag prices up for the stock that can be explained in plain language.
This definition is more commonly used in horse breeding, from where it was exported into the canine world.

To sum up, “pied” in pied French Bulldog puppies equals dual-colored. The base color is usually white; black or dark brown spots (sometimes cream or fawn) are seen on the head and the back. Their size and location may vary. Some pied Frenchies are almost completely white, with small dark spots on the ears and tail, while others have white and brown areas in equal measure. A strip of white hair running between the eyes may be present in pied Frenchies.

Core appearance features of pied Frenchies:

•  Physique: compact, moderately muscled, with a barrel-shaped cylindrical chest, curved ribs. The back is muscular, wide.
•  The neck is short, strong, slightly curved, with no dewlap.
•  The skull is massive, wide, with a short, flat muzzle. Trademark heavy folds require wiping dry often. Use antiseptic once in a while.
•  The front legs are straight, with massive shoulders; the hind legs muscular, with strong thighs, slightly longer.
•  The eyes in pied French Bulldog puppies are large, dark, round. The color is dark brown, though attractive blue and green are met. This may change over time in pied French Bulldogs.                      
•  The coat is short, smooth, shiny, sitting tight. No undercoat is registered with pied Frenchies.

Pied French Bulldog puppies: coats oblige

Not much so in actuality. Frenchies are known to be costly, but budget in care. This goes 100% for pied French Bulldog puppies.
Combing, the most basic grooming part, is done every other day. Brush the dog first against, and then along growth. This will remove dead hairs, stimulate blood circulation, supply nutrition to the skin and evenly distribute natural lubricants. Only bathe pied French Bulldogs when really dirty, as frequent procedure strips the skin of oils and damages coat sheen.

Pied French Bulldogs for sale: fasten seat belts

Web searching «pied French Bulldogs for sale»? Then be ready to meet significantly pricey offerings. These are not “standards”, casually carrying the deceptive $1,500-$2,500 (two grand may be a lot for many already, we know, but please read through this part).
Google would return a vastly wide cache of results, starting $3,500 for pied French Bulldogs for sale. The high end would be an uncomfortable $19,000! Yeah, these insane estimates are routinely tabled for they are met.
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