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Pied fawn French Bulldog: fur coats that shame kings

A very brief idea of what a pied fawn French Bulldog may look like. Prices not everyone would take easily. Extra effort to maintain precious fur in fawn pied Frenchies for longer.

Among the unorthodox coats in Frenchies, known for abundance of rare colorations, pied fawn French Bulldogs double down on “unusualness”. Indeed, a chance of meeting it strolling down Fifth Av. Is close to zero. Fabulously coated, grumpy on the outside and mellow inside are not a big favorite with the US canine regulator, banned from dog shows. Too posh to its liking?

Pied fawn French Bulldog: beware your wishes

The color of coat is not in any way related to a dog’s performance, ever. With a Frenchie (fawn pied Frenchies counted in) it is always a loyal playful companion ready to join in the game any minute.
Yet indeed a particular shade may make a huge difference. Posh designs add thousands to the already uneasy price ceilings.

“Good” patterns are written in a breed’s constitution, or standard, authored by the American canine authority called the AKC. A step aside means a dog with an appearance considered excessively beautiful in not eligible for shows run by the Club. This applies to pied fawn French Bulldogs as well.

They are definitely not ordinary, as the AKC limits allowed coats to a trickle of options: brindle, fawn, cream, white. The first two are words not commonly used by the public, so explanation is due. They are stripes of lighter and darker shades of the same color. And skins of deer of different age.
Mind no connection exists between temperament and coat coloring: all Frienchies are the same loyal homey lot.

Still, the exact picture of a pied fawn French Bulldog please?
Well, the coat would be white with a play of fawn spots differently positioned. Different shades of this “fawn” (roughly brown) may meet in the same dog. Their sizes can vary as well, going from very small (making the coat look almost all-white as a result) to very large, merging with others into a predominantly fawn picture.
A fawn pied French Bulldog may wear a black or light mask. No correlation exists between the color of the dog's eye ad the coat. Anything from blue to brown, even a combination of the two, is registered. Note that blue, the most enticing of them all, is a disqualifier. 

A concoction of scientific-sounding stuff is delivered usually to describe the genetics working behind this wonder of designs in fawn pied French Bulldogs. We won’t go that deep, sorry.

A lot of care needed in fawn pied French Bulldogs?

Amazingly, the direct opposite is true. Pied fawn French Bulldogs proudly wear coats devoid of any specific maintenance. This slick, short fur dress demands a good combing evert other day. Do it outdoors on return home from a walk to keep whatever falls off outside. Brushing against the growth than the other way arounds helps better distribution of natural lubricants and stimulates skin nutrition through easier blood flow.
Bathing is optional and rare. Facial folds needs cleaning dry often in fawn pied French Bulldogs.

Fawn pied Frenchies: 19 grand? Seriously?

The figures you see on a tag reflect a sea of elements factored in. Rare coats add to this a lot. Fawn pied Frenchies are indeed considered to be of irregular appearance. Compare this: a standard coat carries a median price of $1,500 to $2,500 across the USA, any breeder or location. It’s a wholly different story with fawn pied French Bulldogs. Producers may well table demands up to whooping $19,000!
Let this madness not discourage you. Take time to browse this site dedicated to first-rate yet affordable pups of any color, fawn pied Frenchies included.
Scroll, compare prices, trade, save and win a prize of your entire life!

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