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Merle Fluffy Frenchie: a league of its own in pattern and fur texture

Do merle fluffy French Bulldogs even exist? Fluffy or furry? A furry Frenchie for sale?  Can I afford this beauty?

Not your regular French, a merle fluffy Frenchie doubles down on unorthodoxy. It’s “merle” where regular (approved for shows) specimens of this breed would be “fawn” (deer skin), white, cream and “brindle” (big cats-striped). Or even duller. And it’s long-haired, queer for the most popular canine in America known for shining short coats.
Centuries ago, these Bulldogs were bred for terrorizing… well, bulls? to please the crowd. Today they are placid, compact champions of loyalty, merrymaking, versatile city application and most basic upkeep (fluffy merle French Bulldogs are furry, so require more brushing and combing admittedly).

Merle fluffy Frenchies. Merle? Fluffy? Say it again

To start with credentials, the American Kennel Club doesn’t issue ones for the wearers of a post design in French Bulldogs called “merle”. 
Thus, merle Fluffy Frenchies offered for rehoming are healthy, well-breed, fully vaxxed and microchipped Bulldogs denied show rights. Does it make them less appealing? sought-after? Nope. Any dog fancier would happily lay his or her hand on a merle fluffy French Bulldog. If she/he can afford the purchase, that is. For this thing may indeed cost a small fortune.

Now the coats, the main blue-ribbon distinction and price inflator in merle fluffy Frenchies. Usually, a French would visually present itself as a short-coater, with a slick, shiny, tight outfit. But fluffies are anything but. They are long-haired and soft to the touch. The coat design would be a variation of spot pattern seen in sheep and the mineral marble. Every mark would be a mixture of differently-colored hairs. Merles may incorporate blue, black, cream, lilac or grayish.

Merle fluffy French Bulldog: a true French in fluff

Beyond the unusual fur, a merle fluffy Frenchie is the same well-accommodating representative of the famed breed. It’s compact, stocky, with a massive head and a flat face covered in heavy folds to create a deceptively grumpy look. No folds are registered on the body. Wide jaws with strong teeth is a reminder of the fighting dog’s past.

Eyes of merle fluffy French Bulldogs are set wide, the gaze is attentive, exploring, inquisitive. Dark-brown is the norm here, fab green and blue do come across. Bat-like erect ears are another hallmark of a merle fluffy French Bulldog.

Fluffy merle French Bulldog: longer furs oblige

Prices for Frenchies commonly seen with breeders anywhere in the US would start from $1,500. This favorite is not cheap, and disguised add-ones are most likely to follow. One should take into account that fluffy merle French Bulldogs are not regulars though, and the tags they carry may differ significantly. Not often put on the market, FMs are prized starting at $6,500!

Costly as unusual furrier types are, Frenchies Kingdom provides ways to save on its reasonably-prices quality pups. Research this site for colors available at the moment and estimates offered. Inquire about incoming litters if your choice of coloration is not currently listed.
We’ve launched a novel trading tool to facilitate deals. Table your own evaluation to cut costs. Come over to our operation in Pennsylvania to collect in person (thus paying zero for delivery!)
Have an enjoyable surfing experience! Fluffy merle French Bulldogs forever!

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