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Merle brindle French Bulldog: can we put it the other way around?

Merle brindle French Bulldogs do differ in coat design. Does it mean special care requirements? Or one manual for all patterns of the breed would suffice?

Merle brindle French Bulldogs are reported to be both calm and merry (yes, together) pet companions of the breed famed for its universal appeal around the world.  Number one since 2022 in America in new registrations count, as testified by the national canine authority, this smart, balanced individual inhabits the most crammed apartments without feeling offended. Costly but low-maintenance, it is the prime choice for novice dog owners in this country.

Merle brindle French Bulldog: where merles and brindles meet

This is an uncommon sight on a NYC street and an exclusive breed variation. Get to know the merle brindle French Bulldog. For this thing to happen, genes responsible for patterns called “brindle” and “merle” need to interact. The former creates a picture rich in stripes of shades. The latter can also be seen in sheep skins and the mineral marble. A mixture of the two makes an appealing design praised by the breed’s fanciers in merle brindle French Bulldogs.
The two patterns are okay, but their meet-up is not tied to the coat’s color per se, but rather the sequence of portions of hair of given colors.
Genetic play is complex, the final looks of an offspring can be predetermined only to a point in a litter of parents of known colors/patterns. This is never a 100% certainty when one starts breeding. Thus producers are able to call higher prices for rarity, scarcity, beauty.
In merle brindle French Bulldogs one may discover shades of blue, black, fawn, red.

You won’t find a blue brindle merle French Bulldog in the list of colors merited as “standard” for the breed. It means a BBM is not allowed for the ring (aka confirmation dog shows run by the American canine regulator). This unusual coat design is not a disqualifier for family companion roles widely accepted by the general public for Frenchies. This is the same fun-loving, outgoing gentlemen of a dog. Can we say “the lady of a dog”? Probably not.

Now the coat description. A blue brindle merle French Bulldog would proudly wear a complex combination of motley patterns, primarily blue, black or brown-based merles (spotted) or brindles (striped).

Scattered white markings may be present on the chest and muzzle. The big-button, bulging eyes are usually brown, but may be blue. This is prone to change over the lifetime; make the breeder give firm assurances when selling a pup that this will stay (conversely, will develop into something different, with time frame given).

Now care needs. The coat is compound, but does it welcome complex maintenance? Nope, not in this case. It’s enough to comb the dog 2-3 times a week (and every day during molting periods). Bathe with shampoo only when  veery dirty.  

Blue brindle merle French Bulldog: diamonds are forever

A number of aspects are factored in when evaluating a puppy. It’s even more complex with Frenchies, as the breed is both immensely popular (currently sitting at №1 in America) and not cheap. Coat is what may give a particular Bulldog a huge pricing boost.
Blue brindle merle French Bulldogs are testing to bred and raise, so are rarely put on the market and difficult to procure. The end result is inflated price tags admittedly. Compare this: a “regular” no-frills Frenchie would cost a minimum $1,500-$2,500. Then, with the proverbial “frills” added on, multiplication ensures.
A now-rare blue brindle merle French Bulldog may be valued at $4,000 to $7,000.

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