Lilac and Tan French Bulldog puppies

Lilac and Tan
Lilac and Tan
Lilac and Tan
Lilac and Tan
Lilac and tan
Lilac and tan
Lilac and tan

Lilac and tan French Bulldog: posh, not cheap, but low-maintenance

What’s the correct definition of lilac and tan French Bulldog? Coat care tips? What to look for in classy Frenchie?

Part of the broader Frenchies family, the lilac and tan French Bulldog is a medium-sized, stocky canine with signature large ears and heavy facial folds. Used historically in dog and bull fights, nowadays this is an exemplary peaceful family companion adorned by millions of Americans of every walk of life. 

Lilac and tan French Bulldogs: watch the coat for lilacs

As you may know by now, for every breed given official blessing by the American Kennel Club, standard and irregular coat hues exist. The former would allow any given dog to participate in shows run under the Club’s auspices. The rest need not be burdened with confirmation specifics, living a family life free of stresses of the ring. 

The lilac and tan French Bulldog falls in this wider circle. Compare their coat to a set of basal approved varieties, an array of brindles (or striped, reminiscent of tigers or other big cats) and fawns (any kind of deer skins). A lilac and tan French Bulldog admittedly carries more powerful visual appeal.

A show disqualification would not downgrade exceptional household qualities of this fabulous thing (see more below). But now let’s dwell on its appearance more. After all, that is what supports demand and inflate prices.

Lilac and tan French Bulldogs are not standard-colored specimens. What make them different is an uncommon design of coats. The base color is light purple-gray, it’s complemented by tan markings on the muzzle, chest, paws, tail. 

When we say purple-gray, we mean anything from pale lavender to saturated lilac.  The said tan spots in a lilac and tan French Bulldog can be rich caramel or chocolate brown.
Blue, brown, yellow eyes give lilac tan French Bulldogs even more appeal. They may be dark as well.

The play (interaction) of genes responsible for this particular picture in a lilac tan French Bulldog is a rare occurrence. Not every breeder can produce LTs on a regular basis. This drives prices up to the levels you may call insane for French Bulldog lilac and tan.

Lilac tan French Bulldog, a cozy roomie

Largely indifferent to housing conditions, a lilac tan French Bulldog would feel at home anywhere. City is its natural habitat, almost. Your bud wouldn’t decline an invitation to do some agility or obedience in moderation. Strolls, rather than active walks in on its mind when outside.
Both cold and heat are not its favorite weather patterns, so don’t do the walking in midday hours in summer months, prepare a dog jacket for winter.
Lilac and tan Frenchies are largely indifferent to strangers (and wary when not), but may be assigned part-time guardian jobs if trained. Tolerant to bad pranks, a lilac and tan Frenchie is still not recommended for nanny roles.

Lilac and tan Frenchie: lavender drops not mandated

The distinctive attraction and price driver, the short, smooth coat in lilac and tan Frenchies is surprisingly short on sophisticated care needs. The basic grooming and hygiene is pretty much limited to giving it a good slick brushing every other day. Do it outside before returning home from a walk. This will collect dead hair and stimulate blood circulation for better skin nutrition and natural lubrication. Comb against the growth first in a lilac tan French Bulldog.

Bathe as less often as reasonably possible to keep this oily defense intact. Wash the paws and belly after a walk. Keep your French Bulldog lilac and tan away from open water for fear of drowning.
Folds on the head make tan lilac French Bulldogs stand out. Wipe them dry every now and then, use antiseptic.

French Bulldog lilac and tan: scarce, hence costly

A host of differentials is factored in when calculating prices for tan lilac French Bulldogs. Rare coats drive figures up significantly, full breeding rights doubling the already inflated estimates. Thus, by now unaccommodating $1,500-$3,000 for a regular-colored, no-frills puppy may easily turn $4,500-$5,500 for a French Bulldog lilac tan (still without an AKC registration label). Uncomfortable $9,000 to $12,000 tags are sometimes reported.

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