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Lilac fawn French Bulldog: a fab mix to marvel

What do you mean, “lilac fawn French Bulldog”? Not a regular coat design for this breed, right? Does it affect care needs? Pricing?

To high intelligence, calm, well-tempered character, overall versatile disposition that this breed displays in abundance to attract hearts and sights of Americans, a lilac fawn French Bulldog adds an extra twist. A glorious coat of a rare color combination, a thing to marvel at, inflates the tag for $$$$ more. 

Three hundred years ago, Bulldogs excelled as fighting machines. You won’t find a glimpse of that in today’s mellow companions sought and bought in their thousands by folks of any walk of life. A lilac fawn French Bulldog, or a differently-designed representative of the breed №1 in the USA is a top-notch city dweller, primed tenant, loyal yet proud buddy and an enviable status symbol.

Lilac fawn French Bulldog: a very basic coat design definition

A rainbow of sublime shades is registered with this breed. While the core pool of “brindles” (striped) and “fawns” (varieties of wild deer skins) are given official standard approval by the US canine authority, the majority is left out. The difference is: acknowledged patterns are allowed for shows run by the AKC, they also enjoy breeding rights.
In practical terms, a carrier of a “rare” or “unusual” coat is bound to live a life of a family companion, or a lapdog, oblivious to the hardships of its “working” brethren. A lilac fawn French Bulldog (you may use the reverse order: fawn lilac French Bulldog) is among this happy lot.

To give you an idea of what this “lilac fawn” element in a lilac fawn French Bulldog is… Well, in plain English, this is a light brown coat with a hint of purple, gray and pink. This pleasant, easy-on-the-eye hue does not come often.

White markings may be observed on the muzzle, legs, chest. The eyes of a lilac fawn French Bulldog are about any color. Usually they’re yellow, green, blue, dark. This may change over time; get your seller confirm the dynamics if it’s to be expected in a particular pup. Finally, there’s a characteristic mask on the muzzle. 

D and A genes… We beg your pardon, we’ll not dig any further in the genetics for a lilac and fawn French Bulldog. This simply can’t be rendered in a concise yet correct way.

Lilac fawn Frenchie manual: pet and let pet

Not among record holders for athleticism by far, lilac and fawn French Bulldogs are not big fans of strenuous exercise. Energy output-wise, they operate in short brisk spells of activity. These are followed by periods of relaxation.

Fawn lilac French Bulldog: kids matter!

The lilac fawn Frenchie is sociable in welcoming moderation, it’s never overbearing like ubiquitous toy dogs. It will expect wealth of attention focused solely on it; a degree of jealousy is due if this is not forthcoming.

Lilac and fawn French Bulldogs relish spotlight and people around; they hate been left out. Yes, you may take your bud with you to office if company rules allow – this placid thing wouldn’t produce much of the distraction for sure. Better still, get you bud a buddy of its own when you’re out. Bulldogs get along well with each other. A lilac fawn Frenchie would love a company of a compatriot of the same age.

Children, kids, babies and toddlers – this noisy lot won’t put off a lilac and fawn French Bulldog. They do enjoy commotion generated. Tail-pulling is a huge turn-off though; thus an older kid would be a preferred playmate for a lilac fawn Frenchie. A newborn may unsettle a pup noticing a shift of attention away from it. It may even try to push the baby away from you. Check this behavior immediately, let displeasure be visible. Soon your lilac and fawn French Bulldog will become attached to the newest member of the circle as well.

Lilac and fawn French Bulldog: costly for a reason

An outsider in this popular breed, lilac fawn Frenchies are famed for being among the priciest throughout the USA. While a regular (i.e., duller) French carries a casual tag of $1,500-$2,500 (not entirely on a budget, right?), an out-of-show fawn lilac French Bulldog would come about three times as much in around $7,000.
If that is over the top, do not despair. You have landed on a site giving very reasonably-priced Frenchie puppies without compromising on health. The secret is we’ve been in the business long enough to deliver a range of fab happy pups on a stable footing. Experience and love for the trade do matter!
Frills or no frills, a fawn lilac French Bulldog, browse the platform for shades and tags, check for availability. Use the “make your offer” tool to save additionally.
You’re always welcome to come up with specific requests even if you can’t find a particular hue listed. Give us a call!

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