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Lilac brindle French Bulldog: do purple tigers happen?

An orthodox color pattern in lilac brindle French Bulldog apparently. But how to define it? Does it demand special care?

A lilac brindle French Bulldog is among the most unusual representatives of this popular breed. You may never meet one on the streets of NYC, the self-proclaimed capital of American Frenchieness. These canines are not easy to procure for one simple reason – they’re virtually non-existent of the market. Sharing the same cherished package of accommodating character and easy maintenance traits that make Frenchies stand out of the canine pack, they boast added value in inimitable posh coats. More on lilac brindle Frenchies below.

Lilac brindle French Bulldog: banned from shows, but should one care?

For every canine breed in its inventory (and they’re in their hundreds), the top US dog regulator AKC sets out a standard of “allowed” appearance features, good for its confirmation events. For immensely popular French Bulldogs, coat colors and patterns are limited to a handful of variations, mainly a range of brindles and fawns. These are not the words an ordinary citizen is sure about, as is a common with terms mainly used in the industry’s parlance.

A “lilac brindle French Bulldog” does contain this “brindle” part in its definition, but it’s still not the kind sympathetically approached by the Club. Not that it matters much - any brindle lilac French Bulldog is just as good and true a Frenchie as any of its siblings, only pricier.

A lilac brindle French Bulldog is very much unlike its brethren in the coat it wears. “Lilacs” don’t appear often in animal kingdom for apparent reasons, as they’re hardly sustainable. Thus a “brindle” pattern, or tiger stripes, against the purple background is indeed a rare sight.

The base fur is grayish-purple with overlapping dark stripes, which can be black, brown or dark gray. It’s the contrast between dark and purple stripes that make this design attractive. White markings are allowed on the chest and legs.

Whatever cocktail of genes (and their “expression” and interaction) lies behind this beauty in lilac brindle Frenchies, it doesn’t make an entirely appetizing read. In practical terms, this is not an everyday occurrence, since breeders don’t manage to produce this combination on a regular basis. This is reflected in generally higher estimates for this kind.

Lilac brindle Frenchie: basic maintenance tips

This is not a typo: these wearers of costly shining coats are very economical in upkeep. Slick brush every other day to remove dead hair in your brindle lilac French Bulldog. It is also a means to message the skin, stimulate better blood flow and fuller nutrition. Only bathe the dog with shampoo when absolutely necessary, as this weakens natural protective lubricant layer and reduces sheen.

Brindle lilac French Bulldogs are reserved on the walk, don’t press them into running. There’s no way to compensate overly big meals through extra activity and fat burn, so watch sizes.
Examine eyes and ears for any sign of disorder after each walk, remove vax. Heavy folds on the muzzle should be kept clean; wipe them dry, use antiseptic once in a while. 

Brindle lilac French Bulldogs: prized, thus priced

For a breed universally accepted as good value for money even with a significant median of $2,700 something in the USA, a lilac brindle Frenchie pup’s estimates shouldn’t come as a surprise. They’re rare, they’re scarce on the market and inflated evaluations are duly expected. An asking price of $7,000 is met for the design shown only by lilac brindle French Bulldogs.

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