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Lavender French Bulldog: very rare, very posh, very everything

How do you mean, lavender French Bulldog? Unusual appearance inflates tags, but what about maintenance? Read below for more info on this phenomenal canine.

The lavender French Bulldog is a curious variation of the most popular American canine famed for wit, outgoing personality and versatile upkeep basics. Compact physique, flat face, erect ears and bulging blue eyes make them immediately recognizable.

Lavender French Bulldog: don’t be lost in lilacs

To get full breeding rights or take part in shows, a dog should confirm with standards set for the particular breed by the regulator, the American Kennel Club in this case. For the French, a handful of coat colors are only allowed, and lavender, lilac, purple (you chose) is not among them. A lavender French Bulldog would still be a true French embodying all the trademark character and behavior features this lovely pack proudly displays.

In modern canine industry, new color variants emerge like every year. No wonder one may think he/she may order a dog with any coat they fancy. You are free to search for «lilac fawn merle French Bulldogs», «purple lilac merle French Bulldog» or any mix imaginable. In reality, it would probably still be the same trusted lavender.

Okay, lavender it may be assigned, but then it’s just a label giving an approximation. Lavender blossoms are in themselves a collection of related shades. Still, nothing close in definition is available for lavender French Bulldogs. A pale, slightly muted shade of gray with a purple tint may be a better try though.
We won’t go into the genetics behind the rare color expression in lavender Frenchies as this would be utterly useless and misleading. 
 A lilac fawn merle French Bulldog wears a short, shiny, smooth coat. The hair is soft and not in need of any dedicated care. The eyes of lavender Frenchies are blue or light green, dark is met as well.

Lilac fawn merle French Bulldog: when fun is the motto

A posh lavender French Bulldog would surprise you as its celeb status does not translate into caprices and whims. It’s still a friendly, loyal furry being good for a citizen of any age and walk of life. Switching to the play mode almost on command, this lover of limelight enjoys any trick you teach it. Children are encouraged to join in the game, unless ear-pulling is involved.
Remember purple lilac merle French Bulldogs (or lilac fawn merle French Bulldogs if you please) are not synonymous with round-the-clock activity and shouldn’t be forced into needless runs. Moderation rules here. 

How to socialize your lavender Frenchie: dos and don’ts

  • Start as early as possible. You can introduce your lavender Frenchie puppy to the world around it in three weeks of age already.
  • Don’t stick to just one walking venue close to you, introduce the pup to new places, faces, muzzles one by one. This will help your bud grow calm and confident when meeting something new.
  • Be patient and composed in training. You wouldn’t want your dog to be aggressive, so show no aggression yourself. Reward with praise and a bit of treats. If stern words don’t work with a disobeying pup, take it by the withers and press to the ground – that’ll do the trick.

Purple lilac merle French Bulldog: not an easy price tag to bear

Top popularity in Frenchies renders top prices, sometimes exceedingly uncomfortable. A regularly-colored, or standard, pup carries a base tag of $1,500-$2,500 without add-ons, which may be mandatory and drive the total significantly further north. But a lavender Frenchie is not your regular. It’s chick, it’s swank, it's style. And a stylish evaluation would be a heavy $3,000 to $8,000 anywhere in the US. Pedigreed lavenders (an oxymoron of sorts, since they still would be devoid of breeding rights) may reach breathtaking $20,000.  Just wow!
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Marvel, buy, enjoy a long, eventful life with your newly acquired furry (or short-coated, for that matter) buddy. Be happy!

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