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Isabella fluffy French Bulldog, a beauty you don’t meet often

Isabella fluffy French Bulldog: every word should be in capitals. Care for longer furs, de rigueur or extras?

Frenchies are the top US canine breed in popularity. Thousands of American families own this living speck of furry happiness, but hardly hundreds can say the same of the Isabella fluffy French Bulldog. The queen (or king) of the Frenchies’ kingdom, this calm, balanced, friendly, down-to-earth canine boasts outfits that look almost regal in their excellence.
Very rare and not to the framework mandated by the AKC Kennel Club, this fine thing need not bother about working in the ring, instead happily immersing into the ocean of envious glances, fun and merry-making. Enjoy the life to the fullest may be a motto for Isabella fluffy French Bulldogs.

Isabella fluffy French Bulldog: classy, swanky, posh

Frenchies wear short coats good for leisurely strolls in a city public park or a casual shopping spree. They’re quite accustomed to heads turned and jaws dropped as they come by. Double down for a proud, yet modest, perfectly bred and cared for Isabella; they may even feel offended without these mandatory signs of admiration.

While the breed is known for short coats that make maintenance very simple to the point of primitive, it’s another thing with fluffy Frenchies. They’re… well, fluffy, with longer, lighter hair. Grooming may be a step more meticulous with fluffies. “Furry” is another name you may come across looking for this variety. They all look exceptionally appealing.

Now the Isabella part… There’s no certainty at all about the word. It sounds like a female name, sure, but other than that…
In Isabella fluffy French Bulldogs one meets something in between chocolate and liver shades, but usually paler, silvery-purple with a slightly pinkish tinge.
It is most commonly solid (one-color) for fluffy Isabella French Bulldogs; white markings on the chest and underbelly are registered occasionally.

The stocky, muscular physique of a Frenchie may be blurred by fur in fluffier types. An Isabella fluffy French Bulldog has hazel or light blue eyes; dark eyes are also met.  

Longer hair welcomes mats and tangles, this issue should be addressed. Do the combing often with your fluffy Isabella French Bulldog, use soft-bristled tools.
The skin in Isabellas is delicate, a vet-approved hypoallergenic shampoo may be a good idea. Still, bathe as rare as reasonably possible.

Fluffy bucks for fluffy Isabella French Bulldog

Never in a light year a Nulldog, this breed commonly carries a serious number of zeros in price tags.
Quotes for Frenchies return a $1,500-$2,500 range for standard colors. A fluffy Isabella French Bulldog is nowhere near “standard”. Its outwardly looks draws estimates well past any semblance of reason. $8,000 or even $19,000 for an Isabella are not unheard of.

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