Chocolate and Tan French Bulldog puppies

Chocolate and Tan
Chocolate and Tan

Chocolate and tan French Bulldogs: good with other dogs?

Chocolate and tan French Bulldogs, sounding like a confectionary recipe, excelling with both humans and canines.

Acknowledged as very good family companions (and thus awarded top spots in customers preferences and industry ratings), compact, friendly chocolate and tan French Bulldogs are superb ambassadors of this outstanding breed, incorporating posh looks, high intelligence and inner calm. Quick to pick up commands, obedient, this is a gift to novice owners.
Boasting stocky physique, erect bat-like ears and folded muzzle, chocolate and tan French Bulldogs are a joy to watch and command.

Throw some light on this “choco” part in chocolate and tan French Bulldogs, willya?

A number of colors are associated with Frenchies and recognized as classic, basic by the US canine authority. In industry parlance (and this is quite a way from the language we use in everyday life), these revolve around a set of “brindles” and “fawns”, with addition of shades of cream and white.

You won’t find chocolate and tan French Bulldogs in the standard listing compiled by the American Kennel Club for one simple reason. It’s not there! And it’s not because the wearer of this “unusually”-colored coat is indeed of product of careful, hand-made breeding, not sth done on industrial scale. You don’t achieve this by simply arranging miss Doggy (with a given set of coat distinctions) meet mister Dog (himself a given holder) for chocolate French Bulldog puppies to be born in a litter. It may not work out. A lot of aspects regarding gene “expression” in canines are factored in.
The following part may be confusing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for any clarification on availability, coloration and pricing!

The very, very simple definition will be that a chocolate and tan French Bulldog has brown hair with spots of tan on the muzzle, legs, chest and around the eyes.

The particular coat this thing proudly wears can be called brown for straightforwardness. But you’ll never ever find this word in color descriptions, “brown”. Is in not good? Not American enough? In a sea of shades offered for use, the closest appears to be the odd-sounding “choco”. Why odd? Coz there’s a sea of chocolate bar shades, and subtle at that. So “chocolate and tan French Bulldogs” are in fact any related shade starting from very light low-fat cocoa powder all the way to rich low-sugar milk-free chocolates.
Now, “tan” markings are definitely expected to be on light side, while the eyes and nose on the opposite.

Not good for dog shows and pricey, chocolate and tan French Bulldogs excel as lapdogs and versatile family companions. The thousands-dollars-worth coat of a chocolate and tan French Bulldog is surprisingly low-maintenance. Combing every other day is a routine (but double down during molting), going against the natural hair growth first for stimulating skin nutrition and coat rejuvenation and gloss.

Is chocolate and tan French Bulldog good with other dogs in household? 

Cocoa French Bulldogs share mild disposition, with interest and indifference to new faces, venues and muzzles balanced.
When on a walkout in a dog park, your chocolate and tan French Bulldog pal would show willingness to strike a relation with other canines present. Interacting and communicating with dogs is what a well-educated French generally enjoys. One prerequisite is timely (early) socializing no doubt.

Chocolate Frenchie puppies, just like humans, may react to circumstances in varied manner.
Two Frenchies in the house? If growing together, no problems in envisioned. They will get along well and are unlikely to conflict. Proper, early socializing is vital; get your cocoa French Bulldog puppy introduced to new surroundings gradually.

Snarling? The furry charmer is entitled to be jealous on seeing the owner petting another dog. Don’t stimulate unease and aggression. Love of spotlight? Do it a favor, make your bud the focus of attention.

Pricing levels for cocoa French Bulldogs

Chocolate French Bulldog puppies are duly expected to run riot with estimates. With a regular F-pup one may be asked to shell off $1,500-$2,500 as a matter of routine; but it’s a whole different story for chocolate Frenchie puppies. Few and far between on market, chocos are casually awarded $3,500-$6,500 evaluations.
Pedigrees may drive tags above the $10,000 mark! Insane?
Well, they’re indeed rare. For a choice of more reasonable financial conditions, please have a look at choices provided by this trusted producer for cocoa French Bulldogs and the rest of the pack. 

Prices, colors, availability, delivery… On all accounts, this is as economical value-for-money ratio as they come. We have put forward a trading tool allowing customers to offer their own estimates! Give it a try to save even more. Call or text if in doubt or confused. Enjoy your surfing experience with Frenchies Kingdom!

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