Chocolate Fawn French Bulldog puppies

Chocolate Fawn

Chocolate fawn French Bulldog: appearance details that matter

Chocolate fawn French Bulldog in other words and plain English? Juxtaposition in the kingdom of Frenchies. CF puppies at a fraction of other “unusual” colors.

French Bulldogs, the №1 canine in the USA, are casually divided into specimens with “standard” and “rare” colors of coat. Among the latter, dog fanciers acknowledge chocolate fawn French Bulldogs as more available and good value for money. This is important, since Frenchies cost significantly more than other breeds competing for the hearts of Americans.

For all the historical association with bloody sports, this I  a picture of tranquility and enjoyment of life. A bit of casual showboating is allowed for this eternal clown. No wonder celebs like Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, Zac Efron chose to own a French.

Chocolate fawn French Bulldog: basic color presentation

Unsophisticated “basal” colorations from the family of “brindles” and “fawns” are the rule for the majority of canines trotting this planet. Frenchies are not an exception. The rest (and there’s a whole lot of variations of virtually every color imaginable) is the result of color engineering of sorts. 
These “enhanced” patterns are not given official recognition by the US dog regulator. Thus, chocolate fawn French Bulldogs are turned away from confirmation shows. Other than that, chocolate fawn Frenchies are as good family members as is possible for a pet. More mentally steady even, as they’re free from stress-related issues associated with shows.

In a chocolate fawn French Bulldog one would likely recognize a mix of two elements – chololaty-brown (the darker part of the color equation) and lighter tan hairs. They all belong to a wider brown palette arguably. One may rightly feel confused about the abundance of vaguely-defied browns in “choco” Frenchies. You’re always welcome to give us a call for more clarity on the colors, coat patterns and availability in upcoming litters. Our lovingly raised yet moderately priced puppies deserve a closer look, be it a chocolate fawn Frenchie or else.              

The unorthodox marriage of brown shades is accentuated by white markings on the muzzle and chest. Most individuals of this color have a black mask.  

Peace is what complements merriment in these Bulldogs. Open-minded to everyone around, four- or two-legged, due both to inherited outgoing mindset and proper education, they would more than welcome a compatriot in the house. Yes, two Frenchies in a household is indeed a double pleasure for everyone involved. Relative maintenance costs due to be lower in this case too.

Chocolate fawn Frenchies, owning a fab thing at a price

The price ceiling commonly seen for popular French Bulldogs across the USA is about $1,500 to $2,500. It’s not applicable with chocolate fawn Frenchies understandably, as it’s offered on the market only so often. Breeders prefer to inflate estimates for the rare thing with seemingly unlimited appetites. A tag of $6,500 for a chocolate fawn French Bulldog won’t raise eyebrows.

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