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Brown French Bulldog: rare case of plain naming

How much brown should there be in a “brown French Bulldog” to be called brown? Is it a play? A trick? A deception even? 
Brown Frenchies irradiate as much fun and love as regular pups. Or do they not? Ways to approach and train the rare thing.

An ideal companion for city-based families with young children and single introverts, the vers brown French Bulldog (or any other color of the breed) has grown a reputation of a perfect lapdog good for any occasion. A top-three US canine for years, it has finally risen to the very tip of popularity ladder. Showbiz stars are mad about the French not for nothing. What is so special about Mr. and Mrs. F.? Don’t ask us, ask celebs!

Brown French Bulldog: not your regular brown

Plain brown branding is unusual for the industry fond of inventing compound descriptions for most basic color options (in the hope of inflating prices, obviously). So “brown” in brown French Bulldogs must be something else for sure.
You may not know it, but in the canine world they use “fawn” to call brown-colored individuals. This fawn thing is tricky, as expected, denoting a wide range of natural shades seen in deer skins, any species, any age deer. The very “fawn” in question is of cause, a mythical human-like creature invented by Ancient Greeks, living in the depth of the forest. So anything brownish will pass as “fawn”.
Important to note, fawn coats in Frenchies are very much welcomed by the US Kennel Club. This is one of the very few colors deemed as “standard” and thus allowed to participate in confirmation dog shows in America.

Okay, good, but what about the elusive “brown”, as in brown Frenchies?
Just as we have guessed, the suggested way to pin down the subtle difference is to call the coat of a brown French Bulldog… well, chocolate! Dark to milk choco in a brown French Bulldog is all “brown”! Simply incredible! No wonder one is due to lose patience in the sea (should we say in the wood?) of shades and misleading definitions the industry insists on.

For a breather, browse this wonderful site for a wealth of colors available at very, very agreeable prices. Each pup raised by Frenchies Kingdom has a host of photos and videos to support clear shade identification (mom and dad are present as well). Call or txt for more details if in doubt about Brown Frenchies or anything.

While solids (one-color coat only) rule, though one may well meet brown individuals with white chest and underbelly.

As if not enough confusing already, the Club does give its go-ahead for “white and fawn” dogs. Have this in mind when searching for “white and brown French Bulldogs”. W&Bs (that is, browns) are posh, pricey and not good for shows. W&Fs are duller, cheaper and okay for confirmations.

Black mask across the muzzle is mandatory; the sheen is in moderation. 

The distinctive appearance features of brown French Bulldogs would include compact stocky physique, a flat, wide muzzle, and ever-erect bat-like ears. Brown eyes are a norm, green or blue are met as well.

Genes S and E are responsible for the particular coat design in brown Frenchies. We won’t go any further with genetics in a brown French Bulldog puppy coz it’s even more confusing than the coloration part, sorry.

Brown Frenchie, a very brief upkeep overview

This is not a “purse dog”; still, small dimensions make white and brown French Bulldogs at ease in any (!) city apartment. Not a prolific walker, a French need to be taken out for a couple of hours a day; you may split strolls. A bit of agility, obedience and rally would be appreciated.

Character traits of white and brown French Bulldogs
A light brown French Bulldog (or W&B, or any of the browns) is attached to every member of the household and is universally calm. New dog or human faces are not in its interests. Reserved, composed and grumpy towards outsiders, it’s the mellowest and funniest of clowns within their inner circle.
A doggy bud for your F-bud may be an option if you spend much time away from home, since this thing hates been left alone. A brown French Bulldog puppy would welcome any four-legged playmate with proper introduction.

How to train a brown French Bulldog puppy

These easy tips will let you through the process with a minimum of effort.

  • Recognizing and responding to name. Use the name you’ve chosen for your brown Frenchie any time you address it in conjunction with a gesture or sound. Praise for positive reaction.
  • Start with the simplest “Down” and “Sit”. Use a treat or toy to stimulate execution. Praise your light brown French Bulldog, release the treat. Be economical not to make food the only stimulus left.
  • Collar-train in short starting spells, make them longer in steps. When you feel your white and brown French Bulldog is comfy with it finally, attach a leash. Gradually increase leashed walks.
  • Introduce the brown French Bulldog puppy to new items face by face, muzzle by muzzle, venue by venue.
  • Go up in complexity when training a brown Frenchie. Choose compound commands with more signals and distractions.

Remain firm, tolerant and patient throughout with your light brown French Bulldog. Petulance won’t pay off, praise and fun most certainly will.

Light brown French Bulldog: not light on money at all

$1,500-$2,500 is usually given as a price bracket for a puppy of this in-demand breed bought directly from a producer. Qualified as non-standard, brown Frenchie puppies mandate non-standard (that is, higher) tags. Higher may mean significant multiplication, going up to $12,000 even for particularly irresistible brown Frenchie puppies.

Do not despair. This breeder offers a wide range of very reasonably priced pups of most colors met in the breed. Scroll, compare, offer your bargain to save even more!

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