Blue and Tan French Bulldog puppies

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Blue and Tan
Estimated ready by: December 15
Blue and Tan
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Blue and Tan
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Blue and Tan
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Blue and Tan
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Blue and Tan

Blue and tan French Bulldog: another entrant in unusual colors category

Can you decipher this “blue and tan” in blue and tan French Bulldog? Costly to buy? Care for?

The US canine regulator sets strict breed standards for dogs eager to participate in shows or enjoy full breeding rights. As attractive as the blue and tan French Bulldog is (no one has ever called the blue and tan Frenchie a Dulldog), it wears the stunner of a coat scorned by the Kennel Club.
Freed from the shackles of the ring, the amazing thing excels as a reserved, composed, grumpy yet full-heartedly fun-loving family companion. God knows how these two sides merge in a blue and tan French Bulldog, but they do, to some astounding affect.
Popular around the world, in America Frenchies have been awarded the most sought-after crown for lapdogs. Compact dimensions, well-balanced temperament and ease of maintenance make blue and tan French Bulldogs for sale an ideal first choice for novice owners.
The fabled outfit is short and smooth; it’s a sure guarantee your new buddy will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Blue and tan French Bulldog: when Mr. Gray meets Mrs. Beige

Let’s start from the beginning. A blue and tan Frenchie would look… Well, blue (rather, gray-blue) is the base shade here. “Tan” patches are present on the muzzle, legs. The tan in question is actually light brown, beige.
A trademark set of attractive physical features equals blue and tan French Bulldogs to their brethren. They are stocky, compact, have a big head with a flat face. Expressive big blue bulging eyes look with intent and are a huge pull.

The play of pigmentation genes responsible for creating this in-demand pattern does not come often. It’s not plain sailing, not every breeder would be patient with the process, so very few blue and tan French Bulldogs are put on sale.

Blue tan French Bulldog: let’s make merry!

Owners of blue tan French Bulldogs would testify BTs are hard to beat as welcoming, playful companions. Suited for dog lovers of any age, tan French Bulldog puppies would display these traits in abundance:

  • Devotion. A French develops attachment to family members pretty early on. Spotlight is its favored position. The pup would wish to follow your steps anywhere you go.
  • Tolerance towards new faces and muzzles. Nothing would remind you of the breed’s fighting past. With training, one may accentuate single watch dog traits in a blue tan French Bulldog only so far, like sounding alarm on a stranger’s approach, that’s it.
  • Love of fun. Toys, adults, young kids – everyone and everything will do. Not mad about activity, this dog would take a time out napping after a game. Agility and rally are among the favored dog sports.
  • Patience. A blue and tan Frenchie adopts to new conditions and arrangements quickly. It will feel at ease even as everyone around is agitated. Hustle and bustle would not upset it a bit.
  • Independence. Yes, this thing is both social and mentally self-reliant up to a point. A moody owner is read well and not approached by blue and tan French Bulldogs.
  • Fast learners. Stubbornness is not a problem if approached properly. Start educating your tan French Bulldog puppy from its first days in the house. The pup tries to be obedient and please the owner, so picking new commands should be smooth. Don’t forget to encourage the buddy with praise or treats.
  • Tenderness. Frenchies enjoy snuggling a lot.

Blue and tan Frenchies: keep folds dry

Housing-, feeding-, maintenance-wise one would work hard to find as modest a pet in care needs as a blue tan French Bulldog.
The conservative walker is undemanding in strolls as well (two half-hour outings a day is optimal). Give you pal a good combing every other night to remove dead hair.

Blue and tan French Bulldogs for sale may have delicate skin. A hypoallergenic shampoo is of help then. Note it’s advised to bathe these dogs as less often as reasonably possible to retain the protective layer of natural lubricants (and fabled sheen!) intact.
Face folds do need special maintenance. Wipe them dry after feeding. Watch meal sizes, as with this reluctant runner it would be difficult to burn through exercise whatever extra pounds has been piled up. Tan French Bulldog puppies deserve respect even if they don’t turn down an extra serving.

Blue and tan French Bulldogs for sale: blues is due

Anyone looking for blue and tan French Bulldogs for sale should be well aware unusual coats means prices deviated north, compared to regular coat shades. The latter would carry a bare-bones tag of $1,500-$2,500 (likely existing on paper, i.e. in ads, only).
Producers would ask more for a rare tan French Bulldog puppy. $6,500-$8,000 estimates should not surprise.

Much more accommodating conditions can be found on this platform offering a range of adorable puppies ready to join their new forever homes. Examine the rich choice of colors we breed, compare prices and add-ons (one can perfectly do without ones!), table your own estimates (yes, we do welcome bargaining to facilitate deals). Collecting the purchased pup
in person at a convenient meeting point is another way to save hundreds for residents of Mid-Atlantic states. We’re operating a stone’s throw (an hour’s drive) from the NYC metro. Enjoy your surfing today, open a novel chapter with a new furry bud tomorrow!

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