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Blue pied French bulldog: know its character traits

Blue pied French Bulldogs is a rarity not often seen in this breed, they command higher price tags. Some focal points for character and behavior distinction, and training for a blue pied Frenchie.

Blue pied French Bulldog: how can “rare” be “popular”?

The major US canine regulator recognizes the following colors and patterns as worthy of putting up to the ring for dog shows: brindle solid, brindle and white, cream, various fawns and whites in combination.
As you can see, no blue pied French Bulldogs are on the list. Yet, one can see “blue pied French Bulldogs for sale” advertised and searched. How could this be true?
To start from the very beginning when speaking of blue pied French Bulldogs for sale, what is this “pied” thing in actuality? Pet-breeding industry uses a set of color definitions that don’t sit together well with plain English. Now, this is a case of direct importation from horse rearing. There, a piebald or pied animal is the one with a particular pattern of unpigmented patches (of white color) on a pigmented (that is other than white) background of skin.
Thus, blue pied French Bulldogs would be blue-base Frenchies with white spots.   
“Blue and white”, as some people say, may be a simpler, better branding. But like with other industries trading in costly goodies, this needless sophistication drags along inflating prices.
In a blue pied Frenchie patches of white-colored fur appear on bellies, but also around eyes or on paws. 

Blue pied Frenchie: character traits, upbringing

Blue pied French Bulldogs are intelligent and quick-witted. For a smoother training, be aware of some key character traits that are of importance here.
A blue pied French Bulldog puppy can be lazy and cunning; you need to be consistent and firm when teaching commands. Don’t allow yourself to be aggressive or rude, reward the puppy for the correct execution and good behavior.
Blue pied French Bulldogs get along fine with children of any age and will gladly participate in games.

Mellow as a grumpy Frenchie, they say

No aggression is generally registered with this breed. Blue pied French Bulldogs behave responsibly and show interest in outsiders. Therefore, it will be difficult to raise a guard dog from a French.
A blue pied Frenchie is attached to all family members and does not tolerate being left out. Untimely, late socializing can bring problems. Your dog may grow aggressive and start conflicting with other animals. To avoid this, gradually introduce the puppy to new people and streets from an early age.

Some tips on how to raise blue pied French Bulldogs for sale:

  • At two months. Try to housebreak your pal, train it to wear a collar and leash. At this age, the puppy should clearly understand that things belonging to the owner are not for play. Shoes and furniture are not for chewing, and the master’s hands are not meant for biting.
  • At three months you can start socializing in earnest. Get your pup realize it’s the street that is meant for relieving itself, not the house. Explain to the bulldog that it can only take food from your hands. Not every person or dog met is mad about getting acquainted.
  • At four-five months the dog must be in full command of a standard set of orders from the master.

Blue pied French Bulldogs for sale

As we have already established, blue pieds are indeed not common in this popular breed. Not many producers have breeding rights for Frenchies, even less are qualified to breed healthy blue-colored puppies and dare to do so. As a result, blue pied Frenchies are not overbred, supplied to the market in very limited numbers.
It will cost one around $3,000-$5,000 to bring a blue pied French Bulldog puppy home. Quite a sum! But then, there are ways to drive these figures south with this well-established breeder. Browse our site for availability and prices, try our pioneering trading tool to offer your own evaluation for a pup you like, order delivery to the doorstep, start a happy fulsome life with a new family member!

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