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Lilac blue French Bulldogs: are they good for families with young children?

Temperament traits of lilac blue French Bulldog. Does it treat babies and kids well? Price tag for blue lilac Frenchie: medians and highs

For over the century, French Bulldogs have been shining as superb companion dogs of excellent intelligence and loyalty. Starting 2023, they have finally climbed to №1 position in the newly registered puppies count run by the American canine regulator AKC.
Showbiz stars Carmen Electra, Denise Richards, Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson chose Frenchies over a myriad of other pet breeds not for nothing. 

Lilac blue French Bulldog: where to start from not to get lost

For the starters, not every Frenchie you may see strolling Fifth Avenue in NYC or a Main Street anywhere in the US would be allowed for dog shows. That is to say, they’re too good for the ring, no kidding!

You may use the fingers of a single hand to count the colors (or associated shades) and patterns recognized as good for the ring by the Club. They are: the brindle family, cream, the fawns’ lot and the whites. That’s it, full stop.

Well, now to “lilac blue French Bulldog”. You may write it the other way around as “blue lilac Frenchie”. Confusion is rightly due in short order, for no such thing exists, however hard you try to text it. In fact, two distinctly separate types of coloration can be found – lilac AND blue. So this may well be a clear case of misnaming, even as you continue to search for either “lilac blue French Bulldog” or “blue lilac Frenchie” online. 

Blue is one of the rarest colors of dog hair. A blue Bulldog? Well, before the blue Frenchie was introduced to the public, it was difficult to imagine a bulldog with a bluish-gray coat. Their original blue color comes from a very rare black gene (as you may know already, no “black” coloration exists in nature, it’s a heavily condensed blue in fact; counter-wise, pink and black are as related).

Now, while lilac Frenchie may resemble blue brethren, they own their specific coat color to a brown gene. Thus, blue plus a dash of chocolate makes an unusual coat of brown-purple shade (or “lilac”).

Whatever the coat color of a particular French, it shares the same attractive character traits on any specimen of its breed. A “blue lilac Frenchie” is as playful and loving, it becomes attached to people and don’t tolerate being left on its own.

Of interest to prospective buyers of Frenchies is this anecdotal evidence. Some handlers noticed that a lilac blue French Bulldog appeared to “choose” female owner over a male in the household for apparent desire to get preferential feeding treatment! Now, this is weird, is it not?
Believe it if you want. Other than that, the breed is active, mentally well-balanced and friendly with everyone, humans and pets, due to born traits and proper upbringing and timely socializing.
If left on its own, atavistic interests in maltreating cats and other dogs may prevail.

Okay, now the announced dog-kid relations. The jury is out whether these are as cloudless as ads promise. Some seasoned handlers claim that lilac blue French Bulldogs get along just fine even with babes and show boundless tolerance to bad pranks. Others beg to disagree: a “family dog” attestation is okay, but it’s grown-ups that this dog prefers to see around. Either way, supervision is advised for every canine when you live it one-on-one with an offspring. Explain red lines to your child before going away, no tail or ear-pulling is allowed with a blue lilac Frenchie.

Blue lilac Frenchie prices: hold your breath

The cost of a French Bulldog puppy can be significant, running into high thousands. Rare colors may add substantially to the median prices fluctuating at about $2,000 to $3,500. A lilac blue French Bulldog puppy with pedigrees may throw you back $6,500.  
Now breathe: this breeder offers healthy, happy pups for figures one can only call reasonable for this costly market. Browse, favor, offer your estimates, trade, buy and enjoy this rare gift of a dog!

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