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Blue fluffy French Bulldog: how to bring the best of them

Blue fluffy French Bulldog: posh at a cost. Easy ways not to let the $$$$ you spend on this exquisite thing be lost in vain.

The French Bulldog is a popular dog breed in any country of the world. Starting 2023, it’s more than “popular” in the United States, occupying the top spot.

Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Mick Jagger and a whole lot more celebs and millions of more down to earth fanciers chose to own a French not for its compact build, ever erect ears, bulging blue eyes. What makes it really special is a mellow nature and relaxing effect of its sheer presence in the same room. This is as versatile lapdog as they come under the sun.

The standard developed by the American canine authority AKC dictates that the Frenchies have short, smooth coat tightly covering the body. Nothing of the kind is seen in Fluffies (also called Furries sometimes) for an obvious reason. Still, they are 100% Bulldogs, but with furrier coats, thus appropriately advertised as long haired blue French Bulldogs.

Whatever deviation from the standard appearance-wise, the rest remains fully intact, starting from a calm, thoroughly balanced character that allows them to make excellent companions.  

Blue fluffy French Bulldog: nothing lasts forever

Okay, you say blue? blue fluffies? You won’t find this variety among the colors or patterns recommended by the Club for dog shows. Brindles there may be, as well as cream and a host of fawns and whites combinations. But blues?  Fluffy blue French Bulldog for sale? Kidding?   

Disqualified from shows, blue fluffy French Bulldog is very much in existence. The standout color and coat type in blue fluffy French bulldogs attract eyes and grow in demand for one simple reason. Blue fluffy Frenchie is of the same comfortably cozy temperament as any color French, but even more beautiful.

Canine aficionados and pet-less citizens alike prize this particular color and texture. The soft, furry coat of the blue fluffy French Bulldog can be solid (devoid of any other shade mix), or have small white markings on the underbelly and chest.

As one may expect, long haired blue French Bulldog are in need of extra maintenance to keep the original gloss and sheen. Use dedicated shampoos for long haired breeds and vet-approved conditioners when bathing your pal.
In rain a blue fluffy Frenchie would become dirty sooner than its brethren admittedly. Hence, walk the dog in overalls. Proper grooming is indispensable too. With no good haircut, your buddy’s outfit collects grass and leaves’ particles like a vac.

Blue fluffy Frenchie Bulldog: education is the key

One of the smartest breeds available on the market, a fluffy blue French Bulldog asks for concerted effort in its education. Start it as reasonably possible without delays or afterthoughts. No need to ask a seasoned dog handler for help, a measure of common sense is enough to guide you through any problem on the road.
Any living being is a personality no doubt, yet some breed specifics persist. You may find your new friend lazy, cunning, stubborn even. Don’t try to win it by outsmarting; a cool, assured, focused, determined approach to training would do the trick without any tricks.
Don’t tell off for misses and mess left, but show affection to reward. Treating this dog to kids is a treat of high order, since this thing loves to engage in games and pranks. Fluffy blue Frenchies are meant for children of any age or mental state in reality, even fully grown-up with babes of their own.

The opposite is true as well, separation, even if not meant to be, is taken as punishment.
A bit of upbringing insight for a fluffy blue French Bulldog. This loyal homely thing is developed and bred to be a devoted merry companion, with no extra working jobs assigned. As such, don’t burden the fluff with the tasks outside its rage of interest. For example, knowing no aggression and taking interest in outsiders, this dig would make very poor guardian if put on the mission. So why go for it against the nature of the breed?

Fluffy blue French Bulldog for sale: choose more for less

Prices for a long haired or fluffy blue French bulldog for sale hover in mid five-digits in the USA, no matter what part of the country you live in. Less crowded places see less demand, but also fewer offers, so probably won’t attract lower estimates.
Compare what you see on the web with the figures found on this site for the most reasonably priced, yet impeccable fluffy blue French Bulldog for sale one may only dream of. Browse, favor, table your own offer, then see the pup of your life safely delivered at your doorstep without delay by a careful nanny.
Enjoy your time here and in the company of your newly found love at home!

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