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Blue fawn French Bulldogs: actually, blue or fawn?

What do they need to look like to be called blue fawn French Bulldogs? Specific care needs for blue fawn Frenchies?

Blue fawn French Bulldogs is a popular web search request, no doubt. But what about the real life?
The most though-after breed in America (this is nearly supported by the annual stats from the national canine regulator the AKC) attracts eyes, hearts and minds not for nothing. The treasured combination of intelligence, balanced psyche, ease of care and a host of opportunistic anthropomorphic traits (say, hiding their playful side behind sour facial expression) is a huge pull.

Blue fawn French Bulldogs: not good for conformation, but better

Be aware: blue fawn French Bulldogs are not straight from the book. BF is not listed with the standard used for conformation shows in the USA. So no dog shows for blue fawn Frenchies.
This doesn’t matter a bit if you’re looking for a trusted canine companion – as is the rule for a majority of dog owners. In any respect and any doggy department blue fawn French Bulldogs are the same good old trusted family entertainers. Yet blue fawns are so much easy on the eye that prospective buyers are ready to part with extra thousands of hard-earned dollars to get their hands on ones.  
Thus a non-typical coloration is tied with higher blue fawn French Bulldog prices.

This is very cool, but what about… well, the “blue fawn” part? More details coming?

Setting things straight, Blue fawn French Bulldogs are neither one nor another. This concoction is rather a mixture of light gray (or silver) and fawn. Blue fawn Frenchies are similar to neat fawns, but are slightly lighter. Blue/silver makes the fur double glossy. The presence of a silvery tint in blue fawn French Bulldog puppies is due to a mutation in the melanophilin gene. Because of the "dilution" gene, pigments that are otherwise expected to be fawn turn silvery-gray. Blue fawn Frenchies wear a blue coat with markings of fawn.
We’re not sure if this most brief of descriptions gives a clear picture, but others are even worse. Please give us a call, inquire on colors, prices, availability and coming litters that may have blue fawn French Bulldog puppies for sale.

Blue fawn Frenchies: how to care for and how not to

Maintaining blue fawn Frenchies’ coats is not rocket science, though nous is due. Like, brushing should come in two steps, going against the direction of hair growth first. Coming every other day is advised for lazy owners, a caring one would probably do this simple pleasure on a daily basis. Do it on your way home after a walk so that any uprooted dead hair is left outside.
A good regular brushing gives the skin massage to boost blood circulation (and stimulate hair growth through better nutrition supply) and keep it springy.

Most dogs are not born coat-lickers like cats, keeping neat at all costs is not in their DNA. That’s a given; blue fawn French Bulldog puppies need to be taught basic hygiene from an early age. That is, to feel comfortable with and find pleasing all those strange maintenance things the loving owner throws on them. Having the paws washed with warm water after each walk then wiped dry. Bathed with shampoo when dirty (don’t forget that this breed has a complex, confusing relationship with anything fluid – they can’t swim yet enjoy a dip).
Try to put the number of bathings down, as any excess will be taking away natural protective lubricant layer. With no natural oils, brittle hair and dandruff formation is likely.
A “dry bath” of sorts is a kind available for everyday application. Wait till the coat dries naturally (no fans please), then treat it to a combing and wipe the body with a dry cloth.

Ticks run riot in the New World every spring and fall, so give the body of your blue fawn French Bulldogs a thorough examination on return home from walks.

If you find an imbedded tick, treat the affected area with vegetable oil; this will make the parasite extract itself or loose. Contacting your vet is always a safe option when in doubt.
Limit your buddy’s interaction with long-haired dogs in the summer, as they most often have fleas. Frenchies are ever inquisitive and like to pick up wrappings and discarded food from the ground during walks, leashing will limit this.

Heavy wrinkles on the muzzle attract foreign stuff like any proper fold should. Wipe them often with dry tissues sprinkled with antiseptic. Examine eyes and ears for any sign of discomfort every evening.

Blue fawn French Bulldog price: what to consider when buying

A word or two on non-BFs first. While any Frenchie wouldn’t be cheap, of any age, sex, provenance and locality, common colors seem to provide calming effect on the market. 

It is possible to find a puppy for under $1,000 if you try hard. The other side of this enticing preposition is likely to be hidden until the moment you unwrap the covering. Strings do exist and conditions apply. A “free” rehoming option may include health issues that would burden you for years and cost as much as you’ve saved on purchase or even much more. Vet checks for Frenchies are not budget even when pre-arranged and not emergency. Far from a picture of happy cloudless rehomings.

More sensible offers would probably hover round $2,500.

Blue fawn French Bulldog puppies for sale: ways to save safely

Prices do differ state to state, since demand and offer fluctuate. This is a rule for every goodie, but is hardly applicable here.
The “blue fawn” component is everything in the blue fawn French Bulldog price. Since you’re looking for blue fawn French Bulldog puppies for sale, you’re definitely well aware already of the digits approximation. And ready to part with a significant sum.
Now hold your breath. We expect a verified breeder, in fact, any breeder around, to table an asking price of $4,000 to $6,500 for blue fawn French Bulldog puppies for sale.

Rip-off? Way tooo much? Now breathe.
Unlike others, the prices you register on this site are perfectly reasonable. Frenchies Kingdom boasts a wealth of experience and decades of operation on US markets to offer best-quality puppies for fair margins. To make things even more appealing, we’ve pioneered an innovative trading tool allowing customers to table their own fiscal proposals for the pup of their liking. Still further down the saving road, you can collect your new family member in person at our location to save on delivery. It’s totally free and suited particularly well for residents of NYC, Mid-Atlantic, Appalachian, Northeastern, Great Lakes regions.
Give us a call for more details about blue fawn French Bulldog prices!

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