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Blue brindle French Bulldogs: what and where to look for

Confusing, blue brindle French Bulldogs? A simpler way to explain coats. A very balanced, more affordable chic.

In the pack of blues and brindles that this breed produces in great variety, blue brindle French Bulldogs double down on “unusualness”. Free from the stresses of show competition (for the simple reason this posh thing is not allowed to by the canine authorities) B&Bs thrive as the mellowest all-around companion dogs with a deceivingly grumpy face.
Very well prepared for the demands of the modern-day city life, blue brindle French Bulldogs are ever eager to engage, surprise, entertain. Or to do nothing of the above, taking a peaceful nap to chill after a brisque session of first-rate tricks and pranks. Any age owner, any size household will find an ideal new pet friends in blue brindle French Bulldog puppies for sale offered by the best American breeders.

Blue brindle French Bulldogs: hats off, thumbs up

For the starters: the canine breeding industry uses the parlance not easily compatible with plain English (or American, for that matter). This fully goes for the description of subtle varieties that exist in coat designs within the certain breed. This is important for two basic reasons. One, shades adjudged to be out of the list of “allowed” for shows run by the US Kennel Club will miss its confirmation events. Two, these are usually more visually attractive, rare, and thus costly. Demand from the breed fanciers push tags north significantly for blue brindle Frenchies and their rare brethren. Read further below how to save even with rares.

Now, what is indeed this B&B thing? In blue brindle French Bulldogs, the fur is a combination of blue and gray presented in a complex shading mix. As a rule, the pattern appears as darker striplets of gray, black of blue superimposed on the base of mid-blue. The spindle-shaped design can vary from barely noticeable to pronounced. B&Bs may have white chests at that!

Blue brindle French Bulldogs boast a compact, square build, big head with a flat muzzle, big erect eyes. Big, expressive eyes are set wide; they are dark, but may be blue, green. The nose is black.

28 pounds tops is the comfortable weigh limit for blue brindle Frenchies. The forelegs are short, strong, muscular, set wide. The hind legs are shorter. This impedes swimming (the disproportionately big head doesn’t help it either). Keep this in mind, don’t let the dog close to open water unattended.
Blue brindle French Bulldogs wear slick short coats easy to maintain healthy and shiny. A good brushing every other day, first against the growth, stimulates blood flow to the skin, bringing more nutrients, and evenly distributes natural lubricants for irresistible sheen. Be economical about bathing to keep it intact.

Soft skin folds into heavy face wrinkles in blue brindle French Bulldog puppies. Wipe them dry often, use antiseptic once in a while.

How to train and engage blue brindle Frenchies 

Make training sessions short and fun to keep blue brindle French Bulldogs focused. Start with five-minute spells three-five times a day. Transit to more complex commands gradually, be patient, persistent. Better practice at home so that nothing distracts the pup.
Smart, quick-witted blue brindle Frenchies always try to please. Training would be easier if you incentivize the pupil with praise and treats.

Steps to socialize blue brindle French Bulldog puppies easier sooner:

  • Introduce your new pal to members of the household from day one. In someone is habitually unruly (say, noisy), don’t disguise this. A head-on acquaintance with a new factor is always better. Make a vac in operation a casual background noise. Let the pup be a part of everything that happens in the house.
  • Take the buddy with you on a car ride. Trained blue brindle Frenchies should view this as something casual unworthy of emotion. Leash the pet for extra safety on a trip.
  • Visit a dog park. Introduce your new pal to foreign faces, muzzles, activities step by step. Mind only a fully vaccinated pup should be allowed a contact with other canines. If you feel the puppy is still weak on socializing skills, enroll on a dedicated training course.

Blue brindle French Bulldog puppies for sale: why doubling down

Looking for blue brindle French Bulldog puppies for sale (or any color Frenchie to join your family), get a clear idea of the pricing structure. In this industry and with this breed, a lion’s share of the total calculation aligns with the color and pattern of the puppy. Unusual coats may be a disqualifier with the regulator, but they do demand significant inflation.
A standard (good for dog shows) coat design would probably land you with a $1,500-$2,500 bill. It’s the whole world of a difference with rare types. Blue brindle French Bulldog puppies for sale are scarce and may carry a tag of $4,700-$5,500.
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