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Black and tan French Bulldogs: how do I read this? Pros, cons, dos, don’ts.

Black and tan French Bulldogs vs any color Frenchies: special treatment or training for B&Ts?

Black and tan French Bulldogs is a middle-bodied city canine pet of a good-natured character, loyalty, devotion camouflaged in a grumpy stubborn self. They make fine companions in any social environment or family setting.

Black and tan French Bulldog puppies don’t come cheap. Leonardo DiCaprio, Yves Saint Laurent, Mick Jagger and Carmen Electra came out as Frenchies’ fans. They probably picked and bought them themselves, not received as a gift. 
Read below to learn what makes black and tan French Bulldogs a thought-after fashion item and status symbol.

Black and tan French Bulldogs in a nutshell

Black and tan Frenchies wear a coat with a “print” not recognized by the US canine authority. More specific, the fur base would be black, then tan marks are thrown all over it above the eyebrows, on the cheeks, in the chest, throat, around paws and under the tail. These “tan” spots are in fact any shade brown, from rust-red to light red (but sometimes white as well). We won’t go into DNA details to single out the genes responsible, okay? You may track them down and immerse into the fuller picture of their weak or strong “expression”, or play. But it won’t be a nice, tasty reading, really. An ATT gene is to blame for the concoction. Love it?

The tan points in question differ in size not shape. They may be blurred, but always of a uniform standardized appearance and usually not spread onto the shoulders, the outer sides of the thighs, and be higher than the eye line.  

The US canine regulator called the American Kennel Club extends its recognition to a tight colorings pool. Of note among them would be: 

  • brindle, brindle & white;
  • cream;
  • fawn, fawn & white, fawn brindle, fawn brindle & white;
  • white, white & brindle, white & fawn.

That’s it, any other combination (and “others” prevail) disqualifies a carrier from canine confirmations in America.
In this particular case, it firmly excludes black and tan French Bulldogs from the ring. They are in line with the rest in being affectionate, but possibly calmer (since not affected by show-related stress), though costlier. The latter is because black and tan French Bulldog puppies are few and far between with producers.

Black and brown French Bulldog: what to look after

A “black and brown French Bulldog” is in fact the same black and tan specimen, just differently phrased.
It shares the full hallmark set of treasured looks. It’s compact, with large, erect ears and expressive, somewhat sad eyes irradiating resentment. Anthropomorphism is here, the underlying feelings are not, since why be sad? Disaffected even? Black and tan French Bulldogs are playful, merry things living a life full of adventures, ready to discover something new and funny. In short, this is an all-around Bulldog, only scaled down.

Frenchies have big rectangular heads; they are 11-13 inches high and weight up to 28 pounds. This is what the industry formulates as “compact’ physique.

Cylindrical may be the way to describe the body shape of this robust thing. It breathes well-contained power in every step. Both neck and back are short and strong. A massive, broad head translates a message of serious business (fun is a business for them as well). Short muzzle with heavy folds and erect “bat-like” ears. Fancy bats? We do, though in Frenchies only. Longer hind legs make black and brown French Bulldogs look stooped. 

Black and tan Frenchies have round bulging eyes, producing a smart, expressive look. Blue big button eyes are a huge pull! The color may change with age, mind.

Frenchies don’t swim at all. You can still treat them to the shallowest of waters under close observation.

Black and tan Frenchies: folds love wipes

A black and brown French Bulldog is an ever-inquisitive type. They take interest in whatever they stumble upon during walks, a pet, a candy wrapper, anything. It requires close monitoring in the very least, and much less of it with leashing.
This perfect citizen is not intrigued by country outings and can spend its entire life in a stone jungle. It would not protest a crammed apartment.

Posh short coats (and that is exactly what you’re paying additional $$$$ for with a black tan French Bulldog) means coats easy to care for (sic). Combing, bathing as dirty, checking eyes, clipping nails… One doesn’t meet folds in every breed, true, and these need to be wiped daily with antiseptic to keep moist, dirt away in your lovely black tan French Bulldog.

Black tan French bulldog: what make them pull hearts and looks

Summing up numerous merits of black tan French Bulldogs, these five points of distinction are all-encompassing:

  • Loyalty and devotion to the master;
  • Outgoing personality, ever of the bright side;
  • Non-aggressive, friendly and welcoming with other pets (proper socializing is due);
  • Tolerant of children of any age around, ready to engage in play;
  • Never overbearing; black and tan Frenchies have their mood radars turned on at all times to scan for the owner’s temper swings.

Black and tan French Bulldog puppies: where’s my card

Now the pricing for black and tan French Bulldogs (or black and brown French Bulldog if you please). Done your homework? Then you realize this is not the budget end of the canine money scale. Every factor is taken into account when finalizing the digits you see on the tag. Color type is a major price driver. Anything beyond the regular bowl of patterns is sure to add zeros. The show-proof (that is, “allowed” shades, which are limited) aspect is of no merit here. Rarity equals big bucks in this trade. Most commonly met coloration means a basic bracket of $1,500–$2,000.
Black and tan French Bulldog puppies are indeed labeled “rare”, thus awarded higher estimates of about $3,900-$5,500. 
These are the figures for anywhere USA, any breeder and any state or territory. They may not fully apply here, since Frenchies Kingdom is eager to provide a reasonable ratio for its quality puppies. Have a look at the available stock. Use a “make your offer” trading tool to drive figures lower. Save even further by collecting the furry love of your life at a convenient meeting point for free. Enjoy your browsing experience here. See you in person then, bye!

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