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Denise and Joe
Denise and Joe03/12/2022
Had a great experience with Frenchie's Kingdom. All the puppies looked very healthy and sociable. We just adore our little boy. He fit in the moment he walked through our door. Thank you so much David.
“Thought you’d enjoy this picture!” We do!!!
Amazing service will be coming back have a great temperament puppy fully healthy and fit perfect for my family thanks again
Great experience with Frenchies Kingdom. Mario is an awesome puppy and we couldnt be happier with him. From the beginning to when we picked our puppy up Frenchies Kingdom was fantastic.
Mary Strycharski
Mary Strycharski24/11/2022
Tank is such a sweet boy, so beautiful. He’s made our family complete. We got him in July 2022 . He’s now 7 months old and doing great. Would definitely recommend Frenchies Kingdom, they really care about there pups
Julia 23/11/2022
We had the greatest experience with Frenchies Kingdom. We reserved online and David came to our home with our new pup along with his crate and food. He gave us a ton of information about our new puppy, which made the process very smooth. Our pup is such a love, so easy going and smart, we can’t wait to watch him grow! I absolutely would recommend Frenchies Kingdom to anyone interested in adding a new furry friend to their family!
“We’re so happy to have her. She’s a perfect fit and we love her so much already”
I knew nothing about purchasing dogs from breeders. David gave me the great information for french bulldog care when I picked Jax up. I wanted two when I first got Jax but decided against it. It was the right decision but I couldn't get my mind off of getting a second one for companionship. David and Frenchies Kingdom were so great I went back six months later to pick up Layla. Both dogs were healthy and happy. Jax was recommended to have nares surgery (impacted nostrils) by the vet to have reduced risk of respiratory issues later in life. It was low risk, done while he was neutered, and recovered quickly. I was also told by the vet it is an option for Layla as well. It is common for the breed no matter where you buy, and usually not necessary unless they actually develop breathing problems but if you want to avoid it all together maybe look for nostrils that are wide. Otherwise, my babies are great and am so appreciative of David and team. Thank you again.
Best Frenchie Breeder hands down! He held my boy for me until it was a convenient time for me. I got my boy Seven banks at 12 weeks old he is now he’s 15 weeks today and almost fully trained. Listens to all simple commands and uses a weewee pad to pee at all times we are still working on #2 but he is all around perfect . And I truly believe perfect puppies come from perfect breeders !!! So THANK YOU !
Bridgette 12/10/2022
We purchased our bundle of joy this past Saturday and we couldn’t be happier. We took him yesterday to the vet and he received a clean bill of health. When we purchase him, we were told what type of personality Diego had and what to expect the first true days and he was right. Even after we purchased our baby boy, the breeder still picked up the phone and answered our questions . The breeder was extremely knowledgeable. He did not rush us while we were trying to decide on which puppy to purchase. I would definitely recommend this breeder , not to mention he is the most reasonable breeder I came across.
Everything went so smooth and easy! I would use this company in a heartbeat. David communicates with you and answers all your questions! Soo happy with my purchase
Tracy 06/07/2022
I got my puppy on New Years day and she was beautiful. I have had her for 7 months and she is so loving and cuddly with a very energetic personality. I changed her name and she has adjusted wonderfully to our home. She is a Frenchie bull headed and stubborn when it comes to certain things. Loves the creek and water so long as she can stand in it.
I absolutely love my Frenchie baby! My experience with Frenchies Kingdom was amazing from the start. My calls were always either answered right away or returned quickly if I left a message. My pup (Apollo on the site) was reasonably priced and has the best temperament and is so smart! The only delay we ran in to was with the vet check because his vet had to reschedule for a couple of days due to other emergencies. I love that they are so focused on providing a healthy puppy that they won't let them leave until they have been vet cleared. He makes our family complete ♥️ I would recommend Frenchies Kingdom to anyone looking for a French Bulldog puppy.
This was the best experience! I did lots of searching before finding our newest baby here! Perfect puppy, perfect price and a perfect pick up! Recommending beyond words!
I love my lola bunny. ! Very nice people here at Frenchie kingdom. Ty very much for the wonderful gorgeous Frenchie !!!!
My husband and I were on the hunt for a Frenchie, we looked everywhere and found a lot of untrustworthy people. That was not the case here!! As it is our first Frenchie, we had a lot of questions going into this. They were all so thoroughly answered and so much help was provided to us!! Could not have been happier. We have told all of our friends how great Frenchies Kingdom is!
I just wanted to send a quick note about Reggie who I got from you about 2.5 years ago. He is absolutely wonderful! He has zero health issues and is such an amazing dog. Thanks for doing what your do! Attached is a picture of what he looks like today! As you can see he loves his bones!
Charles 15/02/2022
We lost our fur-baby recently and although the grieving process takes time, we decided to add a new addition to our family. After countless searches and dealing with many untrustworthy people, we found Frenchies Kingdom. We received our new baby a couple of weeks ago (Kyle) now known as Bryce and we couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family and home. The professionalism of the breeders was amazing, answering countless questions and providing us with one on one face-time prior to his arrival. Transportation arrangements and all other aspects was top notch. We highly recommend this company. Thank you for our amazing boy.....WE ARE SO IN LOVE!
Rosco (Majesty) is living his best life! He is such a good dog! Thank you!!!
Happy with our baby girl Layla!!! David was amazing. He was very helpful and answered all the questions we had. Thank you again for everything.
SHARI W11/11/2020
Chewy is a little over seven months old. He is doing great. He’s got the best personality and has no health issues at all. David was great to deal with. He gets along great with our chihuahua Pico!
Love her Best purchase of my life. Tks David. She will be spoiled with love and affection and have the best life trust me. She is my daughter and she will get all my love an attention
Gaza is doing really good. No health concerns so far. He will be 1 yr old on the Tuesday next week. He is such a good little guy, we love him to pieces. His personality and temperament is the most kindest ever. He listens well too. I was wondering if you had any females available; would love to get him a girlfriend.. lol
I still cannot believe how awesome she is! You sell amazing puppies and we are just so grateful for her in our lives, thanks again