Hygiene And Care Of French Bulldog Puppies And Adults

Hygiene And Care Of French Bulldog Puppies And Adults

Being a French Bulldog owner means that you will need to pay close attention to your pet's hygiene. Regularly cleaning your dog's ears and eyes are essential in keeping them healthy, as well as cutting their claws and keeping their bodies clean.

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Puppy Care and Hygiene


Taking care of a Frenchie's coat is fairly simple since the hairs are short and straight. Brush your puppy with a special comb to avoid damaging the skin, bristle brushes work best in that case. Follow the combing sessions with praise, puppies love it! French Bulldogs like to bathe, but they should not be washed before the age of one. Instead, clean your puppy's coat by gently combing it through. A dull coat could result from malnutrition or signal a disease. Consult with your veterinarian if your puppy's coat becomes preoccupying.


You should clean your Frenchie's ears once every two weeks using cotton balls or finger pads. A healthy pup should not have any discharge or unpleasant odor coming from the ear canal. If they have these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.


A French Bulldog puppy's eyes should be clean and shiny. They need to be wiped daily with a damp cloth. Tearing, redness or pus indicate an infection.


You need to take special care of your Frenchie's teeth. Do not offer bones for your puppy to gnaw on, as it could result in teeth deterioration. Instead, give your pet toys to reduce teething pain, and make sure that the permanent fangs grow in place of the fallen milk ones (do not allow the teeth to grow in 2 rows). Pay attention to the color of the enamel; if plaque or stone appears, consult a doctor.

Adult Frenchies Care and Hygiene


Complicated care of your adult Frenchie is not required. You can bathe them only after they turn one year old and infrequently, optimally once every three months so that the skin does not dry out. Water should be warm and around 98-104 F. Use a special hypoallergenic shampoo for your French Bulldog. After bathing your dog, dry them with a towel and wrap them in a second dry one for 10-15 minutes to keep your pet warm.

If your Frenchie got caught in the rain or got very dirty on the street, a bath will be required. In other cases where your French Bulldog is not too dirty, it is enough to wipe your pup with a baby wipe or ordinary wet wipes and wash the paws. Remember to also wipe the folds on the muzzle with napkins or a damp cotton swab to remove dust and dirt. Doing so will prevent wounds and diaper rash.

Another necessary step is combing. Despite having a short coat, French Bulldogs shed regularly. They also show allergic reactions. To effectively take care of your Frenchie, purchase a special brush for short-haired breeds. Combing your pup is recommended 2-3 times a week. To thoroughly remove dead hairs, comb out first in the direction of hair growth, then in the opposite direction.


Your Frenchie's ears should be cleaned when they become dirty. To clean them, use a damp cloth or soak it in baby lotion (not alcohol-based). Vaseline and sea buck thorn oil can also be used.


When mucus appears, your pup's eyes need to be cleaned with a cotton ball moistened with a chamomile decoction. Do not use any type of oils in order to prevent inflammation.


They need regular brushing at least once a week to avoid problems with the oral cavity. After wrapping a clean gauze around your finger, take a small amount of special canine tooth powder and treat your Frenchie's teeth.


The claws of French Bulldogs grind down on walks. If this is not enough, cut your Frenchie's nails with a nail cutter or use a scratching post.

How To Properly Wipe your Frenchie's Wrinkles

The wrinkles on your French Bulldog require special care. The list of mandatory hygiene procedures includes the care of folds in which dirt accumulates. If this is not done, then diaper rash, irritation, and inflammatory processes begin to appear on the pup's skin. Wipe your Frenchie's skin folds with a damp washcloth. Dry the folds with a dry towel, and rub a dog wrinkle cream on your pet to reduce discomfort.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of The Folds?

Skin folds in Frenchies can be located not only on the muzzle but also in the tail and crotch area. Urine and moisture accumulate in the vulval folds, while food, water residues, sweat, and dirt accumulate on the muzzle.

Wet skin without contact with air is a beneficial environment for the reproduction of various harmful microorganisms and will lead to inflammation. If you do not take care of your French Bulldog's folds, an unpleasant odor may appear and the pup begins to be disturbed by itching and pain. In that case, you should start by drying and moisturizing your Frenchie's skin.

Wrinkle care should be done daily, especially during the hot season. It is best to do so at the end of the day or after walking. If a diaper rash appears, treat it by smearing an ointment with an anti-inflammatory effect.

The accumulation of moisture and dust in the skin folds of your French Bulldog is a common occurrence. However, if the amount of moisture increases rapidly and redness appears on the skin, you need to check your pup for allergic reactions to food, household chemicals or other irritants.

How To Clean The Wrinkles On Your Frenchie’s Muzzle

The treatment will be individual and depends on your Frenchie. If water is not enough, other treatments are considered in that case. Most treatments are based on ingredients such as: concentrated chlorhexidine (20%, 0.5-1.0% is only suitable for treating mucus), a weak solution of potassium permanganate, baby lotion for treating diaper rash, baby powder for diaper rash, ointment levomenthol, children's creams to relieve redness.

You can also choose a shampoo with a drying effect (the choice of such a product should be carried out on the recommendation of a veterinarian). If there is redness and swelling on the skin, this may indicate an allergy. If an allergic reaction occurs, the pet can be given an antihistamine, and you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Keep In Mind

A clean puppy is a happy puppy! Your Frenchie's hygiene should be taken seriously and paid close attention to. No need to have a strict cleaning routine, simply make sure that your pet is well-groomed, healthy, and comfortable.  

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