Memorial day special !!! All puppies $2,590


Memorial day special !!! All puppies $2,590




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  • Sex Male
  • Color Choco Tan
Sold to Brandy
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Payment Options

To ensure safe and smooth funds transaction we offer our valuable customers several payment options. Also we offer 0% easy approved FINANCING. Do not hesitate to Contact Us should you have any questions regarding payment methods for your four-legged pal.

Delivery Options

Safe and prompt reunion of a loving family with its new furry member is always a priority with Frenchies Kingdom. Whatever state or location you reside in, you can expect to meet your novice friend in a speedy, convenient, hassle-free fashion.

We offer delivery by a trained puppy conсierge right to your doorstep, with a comfortable in-cabin journey to an airport closest to your place.

The strict protocols we follow are meant to guarantee excitement, but very little travel-related fatigue and stress when the pup sees his new forever parents face to face.
He or she may be a bit nervous on seeing new parents for the very first time; this is a natural reaction and will fade away soon.

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