Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

French Bulldogs are renowned for their incredibly friendly characters and attitudes. Be it human beings or other puppies, Frenchies are bound to quickly befriend anyone. If you ever wondered if French Bulldogs are good with other dogs, the general conclusion is that they most definitely are.

While Frenchies are generally amiable, a puppy could also be less predisposed to having a high drive for socializing. Understanding your French Bulldog’s personality is important before introducing them to anyone new. 

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Why is socializing your Frenchie important

Just like people, all puppies have different personalities. Some are more extroverted while others shy away from any activities that include socializing. Though a shy personality is nothing to be worried about, it is still valuable to socialize your Frenchie. You should give them the opportunity to get to know other puppies.

A socialized French Bulldog will not only be introduced to fellow four-legged peers, but they will also learn ways of navigating their surroundings in healthy manners. A puppy that has been interacting with others at a young age will learn how to react to the world without aggression and experience much less anxiety. This will lead to an overall more confident, happier, and healthier French Bulldog.

Even if your Frenchie puppy is accustomed to making new friends, keep in mind that you should let them meet new canines carefully. Other puppies might find it more difficult to approach new dogs than your French bulldog does. Consider introducing a leashed French Bulldog to other leashed dogs in a secure setting if you fear the other dogs might be more wary or hostile.

Your French Bulldog will feel less intimidated if new canines are introduced slowly rather than by running up to them. It's likely that the two dogs have met and are eager to play and have a good time! Remember, the more dogs you introduce your puppy to, the more they will be used to new and uncommon environments, leading them to learn how to react to new encounters and situations.

What to do if your Frenchie is still showing signs of social anxiety

We have previously established that French Bulldogs get along with other dogs and how to best introduce them to other pups. In most cases, a slow introduction will lead to inevitable friendship. On the other hand, a French Bulldog might have a really hard time befriending new dogs and be prone to social anxiety. Some signs of social anxiety to look out for in your Frenchie when introducing them to new dogs include:

  • Sudden barking
  • Aggression
  • Cowering
  • Trembling
  • Whining
  • Hiding behind owner or moving towards an isolated space

If you observe signs of social anxiety in your Frenchie that last for a prolonged period of time, consider removing your puppy from the space that is making them anxious. Do not force socialization on your French Bulldog puppy as doing so could lead to worse outcomes. Be sure to make socializing a comfortable experience for your puppy in order to increase their confidence and offer them ease of mind when meeting new friends.

To help your Frenchie build trust with other people and dogs, consider:

  1. Introducing new people in your home: a familiar environment makes it easier for your Frenchie to make a friend as it immediately rids of the extra obstacle of an unknown space.
  2. Be comfortable and show a peaceful attitude: lead by example and show your Frenchie that what is happening is okay and that playing with others is welcomed.
  3. Avoid crowded places to not overstimulate your puppy.

Breeds that get along with French Bulldogs

If you are wondering who would make the best dog companion for a French Bulldog, consider some characteristics that could influence a potential friendship:

  • Size of the dogs: most medium-sized dogs that are similar to Frenchies in stature get along well with one another. A French Bulldog may sometimes find bigger dogs intimidating, which would make them not want to get closer to breeds such as Great Danes or Cane Corsos. Boston Terriers, Dachshunds, and of course fellow French Bulldogs do really well in the company of Frenchies. While it may be a factor, Frenchies are usually not too picky about dog sizes and will play with any other dog breed, big or small.
  • Dog characters: some breeds, such as Frenchies, are well known for their playful characters. Other such breeds include Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Corgis. Some breeds, such as Border Collies who have been bred to herd animals and keep order, might find a French Bulldog’s frantic personality too much at times, hence losing interest in them quickly.

It is difficult to pinpoint which dog breeds would make the best companions for your French Bulldog, given that a Frenchie would be more than happy to be in the company of another puppy regardless of what breed they are, as long as they will play with them for hours on end.

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