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We Guarantee
Comprehensive one-year Health Guarantee
We Vaccinate
Vaccinations are done up to date
We Deliver
Air and overland delivery to any state
We Satisfy
Plenty of great reviews from our customers
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Sara 05.25.2022
This was the best experience! I did lots of searching before finding our newest baby here! Perfect puppy, perfect price and a perfect pick up! Recomme..
Leny 04.22.2022
I love my lola bunny. ! Very nice people here at Frenchie kingdom. Ty very much for the wonderful gorgeous Frenchie !!!!..
Gabby 03.18.2022
My husband and I were on the hunt for a Frenchie, we looked everywhere and found a lot of untrustworthy people. That was not the case here!! As it is ..
Stacey 02.26.2022
I just wanted to send a quick note about Reggie who I got from you about 2.5 years ago. He is absolutely wonderful! He has zero health issues and is s..
Charles 02.15.2022
We lost our fur-baby recently and although the grieving process takes time, we decided to add a new addition to our family. After countless searches a..
Gianna 01.30.2022
Great experience with Frenchies Kingdom. Mario is an awesome puppy and we couldnt be happier with him. From the beginning to when we picked our puppy ..
Julia 01.16.2022
We had the greatest experience with Frenchies Kingdom. We reserved online and David came to our home with our new pup along with his crate and food. ..
Maria 05.19.2021
Rosco (Majesty) is living his best life! He is such a good dog! Thank you!!!..
Viviana 05.06.2021
Happy with our baby girl Layla!!! David was amazing. He was very helpful and answered all the questions we had. Thank you again for everything...
SHARI W 11.11.2020
Chewy is a little over seven months old. He is doing great. He’s got the best personality and has no health issues at all. David was great to deal wit..
DARNELL 11.04.2020
Amazing service will be coming back have a great temperament puppy fully healthy and fit perfect for my family thanks again..
SAMI 10.29.2020
Love her Best purchase of my life. Tks David. She will be spoiled with love and affection and have the best life trust me. She is my daughter and she ..

Frenchies Kingdom offers superior French Bulldog puppies for sale

Local French Bulldogs  are one of America’s favorite dog breeds, therefore you can find many frenchie puppies for sale. They are an ideal breed for first-time puppy owners, or for those who already have other pets at home. Frenchies are also very friendly with children. If you are looking  for an affectionate and loyal friend for the entire family, buy a French Bulldog puppy!  Such a companion will brighten up even the gloomiest of days. One glance at these cute dogs and your mood will immediately brighten up.  With our great variety of french bulldog puppies for sale, you are guaranteed to find a top quality and healthy Frenchie-addition.

Despite their humble size, French Bulldogs are considerably strong; they have a sturdy body and a stocky build. Their distinctive physical features include:

  1. Large square head
  2. An upturned snub nose
  3. Expressive eyes
  4. Cute erect ears
  5. Short tail

Frenchie Puppies for sale

If you decide to add a French Bulldog into your family, you must first ask yourself: where can i buy french bulldog puppies that will perfectly fit my needs. The breeder that has Frenchies for sale and where you are planning to get your dog should tell you that rather than being alone. You should also know that Frenchies prefer to be surrounded by good people that will keep them company.

Here are other reasons to buy a French Bulldog: they have a very cheerful personality, they will be more than to play games with their owners as well as children.  These adorable puppies are attached to all family members and love everyone, without exception. Their main purpose is to love their owner and be their friend. The French Bulldog perfectly understands the mood of their owner and will try to please them in any situation, or simply be there for them.

Buy a French Bulldog:

When you are looking for French bulldog puppies for sale, you should keep in mind some important information. Before you buy a French Bulldog puppy, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the characteristics of this breed.

You must know that when:

  • You buy a French Bulldog you do not need to give them too much space given their small size. Such a dog can be kept in a private house, and even in a small apartment. What is most important is that there is a loving owner nearby.
  • You buy a French Bulldog puppy it will be simple to take of him/her because they are  short-haired and don't shed much. It is enough to comb them weekly and bathe as they get dirty. After bathing, thoroughly rub your dog’s skin between the folds.
  • You buy a French Bulldog, you must get used to their loud breathing and sniffling. They may also snore during sleep.
  • You buy a French Bulldog he will get the outmost attention from all passersby as well as fellow dogs, given their friendly and social nature. They are also not prone to aggression.

Not only that, but also keep in mind when you:

  • Are looking for French Bulldog puppies for sale that they are very smart but can be quite stubborn. It is recommended to start training them as soon as possible.
  • Are in search of French Bulldog puppies for sale, consider that taking daily walks with your Frenchie is important for their health. These dogs are also great for travelling with the family. It is best to not leave your dog at home if you have the opportunity to take it with you.
  • Want to find the best Frenchie puppies for sale you should look for puppies that are bound to play with all other animals and love spending time with children.
  • Are inquiring about Frenchie puppies for sale that French Bulldogs live up to 12 years on average, leading them to become a crucial part of the family. 

Frenchies Dogs for Sale:

Looking at Frenchies for sale is always easier when you already know a little about the breed.

Just like any other dogs, Frenchie puppies require love, care, and attention.

Finding French Bulldog babies for sale also includes deciding the gender. Taking into account some key features can help choose between boys and girls:

  1. French Bulldog babies for sale that are boys are larger, whereas girls are more compact.
  2. French Bulldog babies for sale  that are girls are more affectionate and flexible. Boys like to show themselves as leaders.

Regardless of the sex of the puppy, extra attention should be paid to its health and training.

Training a French Bulldog can be challenging given its stubborn nature. We recommend using treats to reward your pet.

From the very first days, you need to show the puppy that you are the head of the house, you must not succumb to the cute charming eyes. If this is not done, then it will be more difficult to train and educate your puppy in the future.

Where Can I Buy French Bulldog puppies?

If you are looking for Frenchies for sale  you are welcome to pay a visit to our kennel in Pennsylvania. If you do not have the opportunity to come, your puppy can come to you by private car or air delivery to any city in the United States.

Frenchies Kingdom offers a variety of French Bulldog puppies of beautiful colours. 

Not only that, we at Frenchies Kingdom are always monitoring the health of the puppies and are ready to answer any of your questions.

Real French Bulldog Puppies for Sale:

We offer real French bulldog puppies for sale, which you can get to know personally before buying. They have a peculiar charm and a very cute appearance. These puppies will easily win you over even after your first acquaintance with them. The temptation to buy a French Bulldog puppy will be undeniably big. If you are looking for a pet that will become your best friend, give Frenchies Kingdom a call and reserve your puppy today!