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Newborns French Bulldog puppies

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Cute baby French Bulldogs — what makes them special?

For an eventual customer to get a puppy fully prepared to join a new family in a happy, lasting union, baby French Bulldogs need close, watchful, meticulous nursing help, qualified veterinarian assistance, love and care overall.

That is, in short, is exactly what Frenchies Kingdom takes pride in. Our beloved newborn baby French Bulldogs land in the trusted hands of experienced carers the moment they enter this world.

With Frenchies Kingdom, newborns comfortably and safely travel throughout their entire puppyhood to strict schedule of phased medical checks, vaccinations and various other dedicated care procedures.
This is where the dog science, breeding artistry and loving hearts meet. For us, bringing up baby French Bulldogs is a passion, devotion and a true lifelong mission.

Newborn French Bulldog puppies — visit online to watch them grow

Just like with humans, appearance of newborn French Bulldog puppies will change as they develop. It's always intriguing and fascinating to watch as a promising bud of a baby pup turns into a blossoming flower, a dog of a rare color pattern. 

Some slight variations in coat shade may occur along the way as well. This is a perfectly natural phenomenon to be expected.

Newborn baby French Bulldogs — the way to safeguard they're yours

You can reserve wonderful baby French Bulldogs for yourself in the same manner as with our ready-to-go puppies. This will guarantee that a newborn French Bulldog of your choice will join your family when fully prepared for a travel.
You may then order air or overland delivery to anywhere in the U.S.A., the dog will be accompanied by a professional puppy nanny if you wish. You may turn up at our kennels in Pennsylvania to collect your fabulous newborn French Bulldog in person as well.

Newborn French Bulldogs — watch them develop to learn a thing or two 

Newborn baby French Bulldogs reared by our experienced breeders are meant to enjoy a healthy full-value life of some 12-15 years, given proper care and attention throughout the span. 
This is particularly important in the first weeks of their nascent lives, when their well-being is our sole responsibility.
Your part in the process is essential as well, as they will be dependant on you for care and protection later on.

Any pet is a huge responsibility, requiring full commitment, dedication and devotion. To receive fun, love, and enjoyment as you watch your new family member grow and thrive, one has to invest a measure of care, patience and control first.

Though fully prepared to fit into any living environment, any graduate of Frenchies Kingdom's pup "academy" would rely on your close effort to get fine-tuned to exact family and housing arrangements, 
This may be a bit challenging at times, but fully rewarding eventually.
One may get some useful hints watching a newborn French Bulldog develop.

Newborn French Bulldog puppies: further basics

In roughly eight weeks newborn French Bulldog puppies are finally no longer "babies". They are now fully formed, with prevalent trademark deep brown eyes, and weighing somewhere between 5 and 7 pounds.
They’re ready to go to their new owners and their families.
A visitor to Frenchies Kingdom's site can follow this captivating process through the gradual "ready in" progression as posted on the puppy's personal page.

Mind that at any stage an interested buyer may step in to put a pup of his/her choice off sale. 
You need not worry had you made a decision to reserve a pet (by entering a deposit) early, when it still qualifies as "newborn French Bulldog puppies".
This has to be further confirmed within a limited time frame by making a payment in full. Estimates of delivery arrangements are included (if shipping is required at all; you are welcome to pick up your fab pup at our location at no extra cost). You may make the final checkout at the same very time as well.

If in doubt or unsure about your evolving situation, or to clarify any aspect of a future purchase, why not give us a call? Our support team is out there to help you with any issue that might arise when you take interest in baby French Bulldogs!

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