Playing With Your French Bulldog Puppy As A Form Of Education

Playing With Your French Bulldog Puppy As A Form Of Education

French Bulldog puppies are well-known for their playfulness. They love all activities that include having lots of fun with their owners and other pets. Why not use that to our advantage? While lots of people believe that it is difficult to educate a puppy always looking to play around, that is not entirely true. Indeed, playtime can be a great way of teaching your Frenchie puppy lots of great tricks, as well as proper behavior.  

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Socializing Your Puppy With Other Pups

There is a common opinion that it is better to protect a puppy younger than 4 months from any contact with other dogs, guided by the fact that other dogs may not be completely healthy and infect the puppy, or simply bite. As a result, such puppies grow up antisocial and become difficult to control in an unfamiliar environment.

In the process of playing with other puppies, your baby Frenchie acquires communication skills with peers; they develop physically, acquire hunting skills, develop coordination, and learn to stand up for themselves. It is hence important to not isolate your puppy and let them play with other pets, as long as it is done safely and in a monitored way.

In addition to communicating with peers, your puppy should be able to communicate with adult dogs; your Frenchie will copy their behavior, which will help the puppy better navigate the world around them. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find other dogs that will be happy to play with your pet. In such cases, you as the owner should step in and play with your puppy and shape them into becoming an adorable and social companion.

Watch Your Puppy's Behavior When Playing

Analyze your French Bulldog's behavior when playing with other dogs, and try identifying your pet's behavioral characteristics during play. Remember that when the game starts, whether with a fight or a run, pups usually like to change direction abruptly during the chase. You can copy your puppy's moves to make the game even more exciting. Puppies usually invite other peers and humans to a game by barking and tilting their body to their front paws.

You can talk with your pet while playing, this will help them get used to your voice and recognize some commonly-used words. Keep in mind that dogs do not understand words, hence why intonation is important for them. You should also laugh during the game, as it will cheer up both you and your puppy.

While playing with a puppy, do not use toys, as the Frenchie must play with them on their own. Your task is to start a game with the pup that they will later play, guided by their instincts. A light and short fight alternating with a run is the best way to keep your puppy busy.

Nevertheless, do not forget that you are the owner, so do not let your Frenchie bite your ears or pull your leg in a fit of play. It is equally important to remember that it is you who decides when to start and when to end the game. If your puppy does not understand and continues to provoke you to the game, do not pay attention to them, as the pup will soon get bored.

If your Frenchie stubbornly insists on playing, do not punish them under any circumstances, or they will continue to be afraid to play with you. Try to divert your pup's attention with a toy; as a rule, puppies do not like to share, so they will willingly quit and find new entertainment elsewhere.

Why You Shouldn't Scold Your Puppy

For the correct upbringing of a Frenchie puppy, it is necessary to immediately study the behavior of dogs in general. The puppy is driven by instincts, so in no case should you scold him for their behavior. Do not scold the puppy if they prevent you from cleaning by running after the mop. Remember that a moving object appears to the pup in the form of prey, and they just started to hunt.

Puppies are like children, and there is nothing they can do about teething, so letting them chew on something is the only way to relieve pain. Take care of your pup's teething in advance by providing them with a couple of toys, this will also prevent your favorite shoes from falling victim to your pup's need to chew on anything to ease the teething. There is nothing unnatural in a French Bulldog running after cats or catching up to passerby dogs and their owners. After all, a puppy is a child, and they are greatly curious about the world around them.


Let your pup explore the world, and protect them from the negative consequences by keeping their actions under your control. As the owner, you are responsible for your pet and for ensuring their safety and happiness. The most important factor in your Frenchie puppy's education is communication, so let your puppy know what they should and should not do. Also, do not scream at your pup for doing something wrong. Instead, be gentle with your puppy and they will eventually learn how to navigate the world in the best way possible.  

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