Name Ideas For Your Frenchie Puppy

Name Ideas For Your Frenchie Puppy

Congrats! You just brought a new Frenchie puppy home and are ready to make them part of your family. You are now probably wondering what the name of your adorable best friend should be. 

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In this article, you will find a list of many different and unique names for your French Bulldog puppy. Whether you are looking for a popular name with a meaning or one that fits your pup's personality, this article will inspire you to give your Frenchie puppy a name as adorable and unique as your pup!

Before choosing a name for your puppy, you should consider factors like their size, color, and behavior. Some pet owners even turn to astrologers and numerologists to make magical predictions and influence the fate of their Frenchie. However, choosing your pup's name can be done without esoteric practices. Also, keep in mind that the combination of sounds in the name can determine your pet's behavior on a subconscious level.

How Can A Name Affect A French Bulldog

Frenchie owners and experienced breeders have noted that a dog's nature and personality often correspond to their name. A name could affect a Frenchie's attachment to the owner, their courage, activity levels, passivity, and friendliness.

There is a psychological explanation for this characteristic: the totality and sequence of sounds affect the psyche of both people and animals, since they hear their names several times a day. The character is influenced by many factors, including the origin of the name, the dominance of hard or soft sounds, and the advantage of vowels/consonants in the name syllables.

Common Mistakes

It is very difficult to accustom an adult French Bulldog to a new name, hence why your pup's name should stick with them forever. It is always possible to choose a name of foreign origin, but before giving your Frenchie that name, you should find out all the options of its translation. A pleasant foreign name may have an unexpected meaning in another language. Also, make sure that the word is suitable for your pups' gender.

It is advised to abandon complex names with many consonants since French Bulldogs only perceive the first two sounds. Remember that a pet's name should be easy to pronounce, allowing your puppy to understand their nickname well. Also, a Frenchie's name should not sound like their training commands, since it could become confusing for your pet.

What To Consider

Think about your Frenchie's character and breed traits when choosing their name. French Bulldogs are smart, sociable, and kind pets. The other side of their character is courage, determination, a pronounced sense of pride, and the desire to dominate. French Bulldogs show special sensitivity when it comes to their relationships with people: they are selfless, devoted to their owners, and protect their family members and territory. They are intelligent and trainable pets that deserve lots of love and affection.

Meaningful Names

Among many French Bulldog owners, puppies are often given beautiful Japanese names with hidden meanings. Japanese names are also desirable considering the combination of hard and soft sounds, which are ideal for Frenchies since these names are better perceived by the pets.

Popular Japanese names for girl Frenchies include:

  • Aimi - tender love;
  • Akito - autumn leaf;
  • Sakura - cherry blossom;
  • Haruki - radiance;
  • Yuki - snow;
  • Momo - peach;
  • Nikko - sunny;
  • Chibi - tiny.

Famous Japanese boy names for Frenchies are:

  • Haru - spring child;
  • Kabuto - samurai armor;
  • Mori - forest;
  • Akira - bright;
  • Katsu - the winner.

There are many other languages that have names with different meanings, including Old English, Egyptian, and Latin.

Names Based On Temperament

There is a strong relationship between a pet's name and their character. With the help of a nickname, you can focus on the character traits of your French Bulldog.

Names for Frenchie girls based on their temperament and character:

  • Affectionate: Buttercup, Darling, Minnie, Adora
  • Funny: Pumpkin, Peanut, Bitsy, Bon Bon
  • Calm: Bella, Lola, Ellie, Amity

Names for Frenchie boys corresponding to different types of character:

  • Affectionate: Amadeus, Milan, Bliss, Valentine
  • Funny: Nemo, Bubba, Moose, Pickle
  • Calm: Newton, Lloyd, Pax, Milo

You should also consider your Frenchie's charms and features when naming them. Your pup's courage, curiosity, and energy could help you find a suitable name for them.

Cool Names

French Bulldogs have an unusual and funny look and are known for having unique physical appearance with features such as:

  1. small stocky body;
  2. short paws;
  3. round flattened muzzle;
  4. large protruding ears;
  5. big eyes.

For such a funny and good-natured breed, owners can choose a humorous name for their furry companions.


  • Pudding, Chaplin, Poncho, Lucky, Crumbs;
  • Rimbaud, Punch, Rex, Scooby;
  • Twix, Booba, Cupcake, Winnie.


  • Coco, Peaches, Bambi;
  • Fanta, Cookie, Button.

A funny nickname would suit domestic-friendly Frenchies perfectly.

Names Related To The Frenchie's Coat Color

Frenchies come in many different colors, including:

  1. Brindle - the dominant dark color with chestnut or light patches;
  2. Blue - dark gray coat;
  3. Black;
  4. White;
  5. Cream;
  6. Ginger;
  7. Chocolate;
  8. Gray.

Oftentimes, French Bulldogs have spots on their coats.

Popular names for spotted Frenchies have been found to be:

  • Leo;
  • Cougar;
  • Rex;
  • Domino.

For girls with spots on their coats, suitable nicknames include:

  • Freckles;
  • Dotty;
  • Foxy;
  • Bootsie;
  • Tabby.

A French Bulldog owner could give their male pet of a lighter color a name that reflects such a trait:

  • Casper;
  • Monty;
  • Ciel;
  • Snow;
  • Sparky,
  • Nord.

For lighter-colored female Frenchies, popular names include:

  • Winter;
  • Luna;
  • Elsa;
  • Aurora;
  • Alaska;
  • Pearl;
  • Nova.

Famous names for darker-colored French Bulldogs are:

  • Noir;
  • Bruno;
  • Merlin;
  • Jet;
  • Thunder;
  • Mocha.

Darker-colored girl Frenchies often have the names:

  • Velvet;
  • Raven;
  • Ash;
  • Licorice;
  • Zulu.

What Not To Name A French Bulldog

You should not name your Frenchie in honor of a previous pet, especially if they died or got lost. Such a name will not only remind the owner of the unfortunate past but also carry negative memories.

There is no need to choose a long and difficult-to-pronounce name, since the name is only entered in the animal's veterinary passport. Your Frenchie will better respond to an abbreviated, simple nickname. It is more useful to refuse human names too, since there is a possibility that the name of your French Bulldog may coincide with the name of a guest or a new family member.

It is believed by some that French Bulldogs and other dogs which have human names are more prone to illness, melancholy and apathy, as well as aggression. Also, some religious teachings prohibit naming pets after saints if they are the patrons of animals.

Do not give your Frenchie a derogatory or derisive name, since it could affect your pet's morale.


Choosing a name for your French Bulldog should not be too difficult to do, as long as the name you are choosing is fairly short and easy to pronounce. Intricate nicknames that are difficult to pronounce are not always pleasant to the ear and oftentimes are not perceived by the pup.

Not all character traits are laid down by breed and heredity. Before choosing a nickname suitable for your Frenchie puppy, it is recommended to observe them for several days: highlight their main qualities, habits, behaviors, and temperament.

It is not necessary to give your French Bulldog a nickname immediately after they appear in the house. They can remain nameless for several days without prejudice to the educational process. But it is better to not delay the name choice for more than 7-10 days, since your pup should start developing a reflex to the name.

In order to choose the right nickname for your French Bulldog, take into account not only their characteristics, but also pay attention to what it means. Your Frenchie's nickname should emphasize their positive features and what makes them special.  

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