How To Best Treat A Frenchie's Upset Stomach

How To Best Treat A Frenchie's Upset Stomach

If you are a dog owner you have probably dealt with your puppy’s stomach ache or two. Stomach aches are extremely common in dogs and can be a good indicator of your dog’s health status at that moment. An upset stomach in a French Bulldog and other breeds alike is a common symptom for common issues such as indigestion or changes in diet, however they can be an indicator of more serious health problems such as internal parasites or allergies. 

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What can I give my dog for an upset tummy?

Make sure to consult a veterinary professional before administering any medicine or treatment to your puppy. If your veterinarian has concluded that your pup’s stomach ache can be treated at home, consider the next couple of at-home remedies that could be used as a treatment for a dog with an upset stomach.

What to give a dog to settle the stomach?

In case your veterinarian has suggested at-home recovery, there are a couple of home remedies that could help ease your Frenchie’s upset stomach. Such remedies include:

  1. Cooked rice and shredded boiled chicken: boil rice for a longer period of time and until it has the consistency of porridge. This will make the rice easy to swallow and digest for your sick French Bulldog. The boiled chicken will also provide some protein and energy for your Frenchie. Consider shredding it before serving it to your puppy so that it becomes easier to eat for them.
  2. Canned pumpkin: this is another good option to give to your puppy, seeing how it is easy to digest and provides necessary vitamins and fiber. Start by giving your puppy smaller amounts of canned pumpkin. You can start slowly increasing the amount once you notice that your Frenchie is eating and holding it down well. Make sure that it is pure natural canned pumpkin with no added sugars or other ingredients.
  3. Water and ice cubes: When thinking of what to give a dog to settle their stomach, it is extremely important to keep in mind that your French Bulldog should be well hydrated while they are dealing with this uncomfortable situation. You can put fresh and clean water in their bowl and let them drink it slowly. A Frenchie should not drink too much water at once since it could disturb the stomach even further. In the case that your French Bulldog is drinking too fast, consider giving them ice cubes to lick so that they can pace themselves better. As the ice melts down, your Frenchie will be able to drink small amounts of water at a time. Freezing bone broth or low-sodium chicken broth is also a good way of keeping your Frenchie hydrated all while providing them with extra electrolytes. Being dehydrated can lead to further issues for your French Bulldog, hence why water and liquids are crucial dog with upset stomach treatment.
  4. Short fast: your Frenchie’s stomach is already upset and should not be disturbed further. A 12 hour fast would help your puppy by not adding any extra things to their stomach before it heals and becomes healthy again. This short fast will let your puppy's stomach reset itself and get back on track.

Best medicine for upset stomach:

Every tummy ache is different, and in most cases, the issue will go away on its own with at-home remedies. However, every stomach ache is different, and some might require the help of antibiotics and other medicines. It is important to go to the veterinarian in order to conclude how to help your puppy in the best way possible. The veterinarian might suggest medicine, in which case the medicine should be given to your French Bulldog according to the specified instructions.

You may be wondering about alternatives and what other things can I give my dog for an upset tummy. Consider looking into and asking about vitamins and supplements. Digestive enzymes could also be a good option as a treatment for a dog with an upset stomach. The best enzymes should include a combination of protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulase. All of these enzymes help break down things such as fibers and carbohydrates which aids in settling an upset stomach.

Best things for dog upset stomach:

We have talked about the food-related remedies that could help ease the discomfort of a stomach ache your puppy is going through. How about other things that can be done in your home to help settle your Frenchie’s stomach? Here are the best things for a dog with an upset stomach that can be easily done at home.

  • Lots of rest, not too much exercise: your puppy is probably already feeling uncomfortable due to the stomach ache, hence why you should consider letting them rest indoors as much as possible before they start showing signs of improvement. Prepare a nice cozy corner for them to rest and nap in. If your Frenchie already has a nice dog bed, consider adding cozy pillows, blankets, and plushies to bring the comfiness a step further.
  • Endless cuddles: Frenchies are big lovers and love cuddles in general, but when sick they should be offered even more love. It is important to show your support towards your pup, especially when they are feeling weak and ill. Cuddle your pup back to health by keeping them company and offering them lots of comfort. Consider also massaging their bellies if your Frenchie is feeling extra gassy. You can help release the extra gas by gently massaging their stomachs with the palm of your hand in circular motions.

French Bulldog upset stomach remedy:

What should you do if a French Bulldog upset stomach remedy does not seem to help or work? The at-home remedies we have mentioned before are great ways to help settle an upset stomach, but in the case that they do not seem to help or your Frenchie starts experiencing other symptoms such as diarrhea or severe vomiting, you should call your veterinarian and probably bring them to a clinic to further understand what is causing these issues. Those are typically signs of a more serious gastrointestinal problem that will be needing closer monitoring and different sorts of treatments.

Here is a quick and short Youtube video featuring a veterinary professional further talking about stomach aches in dogs and the different ways of curing them:

Pet & Animal Care: Home Remedies for a Dog's Stomach Sickness

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